Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Drunken watchman cuts cows’ tails

Dude couldn't imagine anything else to do but to cut their tails off? I've been drunk many times(not in the presense of cows though, at least not the 4 leg variety that is) and I can't say that slicing the tails off cows ever occured to me - even during the worst benders. This guy seems to have a seriously limited world view if disfiguring some hapless cows is the best idea he could come up with when drunk.

My suspicion, and its just that - a suspicion, is this guy was looking for a little "female companionship" and these gals were none too thrilled about his drunken advances. Now THAT sort of behavior might get you smacked up side the head by a tail because you'd be...well...in the general vicinity of the tail.

The personnel of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs’ office in Poltavskaya region arrested 39-year-old milker and watchman of one of the farms for cutting cows’ tails, Ukrainski Novyny reports.

The arrested man was in the state of alcoholic intoxication and became angry when one of the cows lashed his face with its tail.

“He could not imagine anything else but to cut cows’ tails”, a representative from the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ office reported.

The milker decided to cut the tails and realized what he was doing only after cutting the twelfth tail. Cows were crying from pain and lost a lot of blood.

The detainee explained that he had lost his temper.

Police officers initiated a case according to the article 299 of the Russian Criminal Code (cruelty to animals).


digitalbrownshirt said...

We always drew the line at tipping them over.

Okay, maybe an occasional Ace of Spades Shocker, but only if we had really, really big hands.

GihadGene said...

Just wait till MOOOOVEON.ORG
catches up with his a$$!

Adi said...

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