Friday, October 21, 2005

Dinosaur of the day: KOOLASUCHUS

In celebration of my TTLB designation as "crawly amphibian", the Purple Avenger presents for your viewing pleasure a little heralded, yet facinating dinosaur : KOOLASUCHUS
... Until 1989 it had been thought that the temnospondyls had died out some 100 million years earlier, at the end of the Triassic period. The find of Koolasuchus changed all that - here was a fossil "living fossil" - a survivor from a far-distant time in the past.

As a typical big amphibian, Koolasuchus was capable of crawling on land, but would have been more at home in water. At over 5 metres long and equipped with a massive skull, it was a powerful carnivore capable of eating crustaceans, fish, and even small dinosaurs like the young of Leaellynasaura. It is probable that it could detect the vibrations of prey in the water. As the prey passed by, it could just open it's huge gaping mouth and snap it up.


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