Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Power back on

5:30pm EST - power returns after 7 days of darkness.

Purple Avenger's hurricane observations:

  • Morons are everywhere

  • Morons are everywhere

  • Morons are everywhere

  • Morons are everywhere

  • Seriously, all the sorry looking dopes on TV standing in line for bottled water and ice? Pathetic.

    I got through this without needing bottled water or ice. I filled up some plastic bottles with (almost) free tap water before the storm hit. God forbid, but, gasp, I'll publicly admit that I drank room temperature tap water and soda. Since I'm typing this, it should be obvious that the "hardship" of not having icy cold drinks for a week did not kill or maim me to any discernable degree. I'm betting it would not have killed those MORONS that stood in line for hours and wasted gas getting to the distribution points either. People with meds needing refrigeration - you have a real excuse to be there. The rest of you bozos looking sorryass trying to scam a not so freebie, I have no sympathy whatoever. You were MORONS.

    The "hurricane relief" I've received so far consists of $0.00 in government supplied materiels.

    My roof lost hundreds of shingles - but I'm not whining about it on the radio or waiting for it to leak - I climbed up there with a bucket of roof tar and some patches made from a roll of tar paper I scored out of a dumpster 10 years ago and stashed away for just this kind of occasion. A couple of days of taring and fitting patches and the roof will be ready to take another hurricane - it made it through two last year with somewhat lesser damage I bandaided the same way.

    When I put a new roof on its going to be at a time of MY chosing and at MY convenience. The only people who are really stuck are those who had significant structural damage that can't be hacked up with some tarps, tar paper, etc. They'll need to get something done fast and pay through the nose for it unless they're competent enough to do it themselves. You other able bodied clowns waiting for the tooth fairy to show up with a new roof before the next rain? You better smarten up and start patching or your shit is gonna get wet.

    Amazingly, in spite of the full week of warning Florida had before Wilma hit, some MORONS still did absolutely nothing to prep their houses and had a lot of windows blown out and busted. One ~80 year old woman was killed when a big sliding door fell on her during the hurricane. I don't like to be disrespectful to the dead, but she must have been a MORON to be standing in front of a monstrous uncovered sliding door in the middle of a hurricane. Seriously, can you be any stupider than that and not get rewarded with death for your stupidity? I don't think so.

    Plywood was plentiful, even up to the last day. I've been using the same plywood for the last 10 years. Some MORONS have thrown out the plywood they used. At $20/sheet this kind of stupidity gets expensive. Lean it against a wall in the garage for next year - then you won't be in a panic at Home Depot trying to buy something as a storm approaches. Save the Tapcons and stick them in a can somewhere - they can be reused. Come on people - smarten up.


    CNA said...

    Purp is a dumpster diver! Tar paper from a dumpster. If you are a landlord, go to mrlandlord.com. There are other dumpster divers there.

    Purple Avenger said...

    CNA - you bet I'm a diver. There be gold in them thar bins!

    I got a nice wood office desk, a huge load of mahogany boards (which became shelves, book cases, and a wall unit), all sorts of electrical conduit, boxes, etc, many gallons of paint, and the computer I'm typing on right now out came of an electronics recycle bin run by the county solid waste disposal

    A few years ago I scoped a brand new leather bound set of Louis Lamour western novels in a box someone had set out for the garbage. I snatched'em up and sold'em on eBay for about $50.

    My VCR came out of the county electronic recycle bin. One of the servers on my network came out of the same bin.