Monday, November 21, 2005

What's in ICSQ-2003-00025586 and why doesn't senator Levin want us to know?

Come on Carl - why are YOU "cherry picking" intel? IF this ICSQ-2003-00025586 doc supports democrat contentions, its is certain it would be front page news. That it is not is damning.

Weekly Standard
Stephen Hayes
Stephen Hayes (page 2)
There are many such documents in a U.S. intelligence database known as HARMONY. One example: Document number ICSQ-2003-00025586 was captured by the U.S. military during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Here is the synopsis of that document that appears in the database:
Category: Al Qaida
Title: Letters, logbook, training manual from Al Qaida Chemical Plant regarding Chem Warfare
Short Description: Contains papers concerning Iraqi officials, prices of equipment, training plans, and actions by high level officers all concerning chemical warfare
Agency: DIA
Document Date: Feb-02
Document #: ICSQ-2003-00025586

What does it mean? I'm not sure. On the one hand, any document under the heading "Al Qaida" that mentions "chem warfare" and "Iraqi officials" is inherently interesting. On the other, we don't know what the document tells us. Just as it is possible that the document reveals Iraqi complicity in al Qaeda's efforts to secure WMD, it is conceivable that the "papers concerning Iraqi officials" include indications that Iraqis rejected al Qaeda overtures for assistance on chemical warfare. Although some HARMONY documents are flagged as being of suspect authenticity, this one is not flagged. Still, it is possible that it is a fabrication and was entered into the database without an assessment of its authenticity.

I can't answer these questions. Someone probably can.

As Sen. Roberts and Rep. Hoekstra push their proposal to declassify the untranslated Iraqi documents, the White House might seek to obtain and release those documents already translated and evaluated.

The document above has been translated. It has been summarized. It has been entered into HARMONY. We'd like to know: Is it authentic, and what else does it say?


Anonymous said...

Carl Levin and his brother Sandy (House) have been in office all my life. They bring no pork to Michigan, completely ignore all of our voting scandals, do not get involved in any of the states financial problems-in short, the only time any one in Michigan sees them is when they are on TV. I think that the majority of their votes come from the Detroit area where voting irregularities and name recognition no doubt play a large part in their success. Of course, we also get the benefit of having John Conyers represent us! As a result of their "leadership and representation" Michigan has the worst roads, worst public schools and highest unemployment. Not addressing these issues give Carl Levin plenty of time to devote to other things.

Purple Avenger said...

Conyers is a real prize ain't he ;->