Monday, November 14, 2005

If Clinton lied, did thousands die?

If this is true, Hillary is finished.
For more than two decades, the Arkansas prison system profi ted from selling blood plasma from inmates infected with viral hepatitis and AIDS. Thousands of unwitting victims who received transfusions of a product called Factor 8 made from this blood died as a result...

...People are still dying. Around the world major classaction lawsuits have been filed and criminal investigations are underway. While the rest of the globe looks to America for answers, the story remains largely untold and no one has ever been held accountable...

“In the early days of AIDS, we at the CDC were surprised that the hemophiliac community was infected so rapidly. This shocking documentary tells why.”

Dr. Donald Francis/ former head of AIDS Laboratory
at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. If it is true it should be getting much more attention.

Always On Watch said...

I've heard this information before, but cannot recall where.

Considering Arkansas, it's possible, I think.