Sunday, December 17, 2006


Sandmonkey shows some restraint in criticizing this person because she's a grandmother or some other such nonsense. I will not show similar restraint. Go read this blog post. The woman is 100% USDA batshit crazy -- fever swamps grade crazy. Why she could be an adviser to Jimmy Carter ;->

Here's a small taste:
More importantly, it is increasingly clear that the Israeli army is more or less dominated by messianic soldiers and officers, many of whom graduates of Talmudic schools. Needless to say, these schools teach that the Jewish Messiah or redeemer will not appear unless there is bloodshed on a very gigantic scale. In other words, redemption and salvation for the Jews depend on the occurrence of genocide[...]

[...]Moreover, we should never ever count on America. America is a country that is enslaved and controlled by Zionist Jews. It is a country that lost its free-will a long time ago and became a mere tool in the service of Zionist bellicosity and hegemony[...]


cranky said...

Damn Jews and their trying to stay alive. What gall!

miriam said...

She (or he or it) also repeats the lie that we dumped depleted uranium on Iraq.

The Jews make a convenient scapegoat for all the world's problems, don't they?