Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Robbing NYC kids -- democrats just can't resist

First Air America robs them, now a State Senator. Those kids must be getting pretty paranoid by now. How soon before we find out that Schumer or Hillary was shaking them down somehow too? I'm not sure I'd bet against it at this point...

NY Sun
[...]the unsealing of a new indictment against a Bronx state senator, Efrain Gonzalez. His constituents are among the poorest in the most poverty stricken county in the state. Yet when given the opportunity to bring some resources back to his district, Mr. Gonzalez, prosecutors charge, instead stole the money to finance a lavish personal lifestyle.

The senator is charged with diverting some $423,000 in public "member item" funds that he obtained for a group called Pathways for Youth, an affiliate of the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club. The latter was the group that inappropriately loaned $875,000 to the now bankrupt Air America radio network.[...]

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