Saturday, December 09, 2006

WaPo's David Ignatius's shocking stupidity

Can you envision a person as naive as Ignatius? I find it hard to, but yet here he is. Of course Iran/Syria will say "yes", then they'll continue to do as they've been doing all along. Syria will continue to aid jihadis entry, Iran will continue to provide IED's, and fighters in the south, and keep supplying the Hezb. The Iranian IED sourcing has already been well established, and the Brits keep catching Iranians in the south. What "diplomatic offensive" could possibly be launched that will get them to reverse actions which they previously and currently feel to be in their own best interests? We will get lip service.

Seriously, what fantasy world do these morons like Ignatius live in?

I like this "New Diplomatic Offensive"...As for Iran and Syria, the great advantage of asking them to join a global effort to stabilize Iraq is that if they say no, it's blood on their hands. As the report notes, "An Iranian refusal to do so would demonstrate to Iraq and the rest of the world Iran's rejectionist attitude and approach, which could lead to its isolation."


H.H. said...

Does anything Iran or Syria do equal the support Dick Cheney's friends in Saudi Arabia give the insurgancy?

Purple Avenger said...

Does anything Iran or Syria do equal...

And this apparently drug induced moronic non-sequitor relates here in precisely what way?