Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Possums hold key to male prostate problems

NZ Herald
Horny possums may hold the key scientists have been looking for to help treat some prostrate problems in men.

Scientists at AgResearch and the Otago Medical School believe the prostate gland in the bush-tailed possum is anatomically identical to humans[...]


DonSurber said...

I read in a Washington Post story 15 years ago that possums have adapted to a life expectancy of 2 years.

MikeT said...

My (God willing) future father-in-law found one of these in a trashcan and quickly shut the lid on it because it was mad as hell. Next day the trash collectors came by and found it, they quickly threw the damn thing in the truck, can and all, and just squashed the hell out of it because no one wanted to deal with it.

Purple Avenger said...

Possums are mean, stupid, and stubborn - a bad combination.

mesablue said...

My cat left a disemboweled possum on my porch the other day. Lovely.

My redneck neighbor asked me if he could have it -- no joke.

I am NEVER going over there for dinner.

Purple Avenger said...

When I was around 14 years old my dad and his partner bought a huge old mid-1800's mill building that had a collapsed wall, rotting floors, bad roof etc.

In the process of repairing the wreck we put in a new concrete floor rebuilt the wall, etc.

When the old floor came up, there were monster slugs living on the beams under there that were the size of hotdogs...and of course the place was FULL of pigeons.

There was an old guy I'll never forget who was working at palletizing all the old brick from the collapsed wall so it could be sold to morons who were into "old brick" which was becoming very fashionable.

Bernie ate those pigeons and slugs.