Thursday, December 14, 2006

Iraq news - if it don't bleed, it don't lead

Imagine that - people going to work every day in the middle of a supposed civil war where the streets are running with blood How can this be?

[...]He directs a staff of 30 U.S. military and civilian personnel along with 50 Iraqi engineers who have the goal of turning Baghdad back into a great city. “It was the birthplace of civilization and today we’re investing huge of amounts of money to rebuild 30 years of neglect as residents regain their confidence that this city has a future. It’s hard when you’ve been repressed for that many decades to stand up for what you believe and that’s the challenge we’re facing.”

But Revolinsky is optimistic and that viewpoint starts with the Iraqis on his staff. “They’re awesome individuals. They put their lives on the line every day going out in the community to oversee the work going on. They sincerely want to help their country, they want to do a great job, and it’s a shame the hardships and danger they and their neighbors have to put up with. I respect them immensely. They want to make Baghdad a better place.”

Most of the Iraqis working for USACE are educated engineers trained at Baghdad University. “They visit the projects, write the reports, provide recommendations and suggest courses of action, and our intent is to eventually transition our office over to them as we work ourselves out of a job. They’re breaking the mold of listening to dictatorial orders that they grew up with and today are solving problems on their own. I’m very pleased with the direction we’re going.”

Throughout Baghdad Province, Revolinsky’s team is managing more than 300 projects valued in excess of $1.2 billion. That work includes $300 million for three major sewer trunk lines, more than $100 million for replacing the electric distribution network in Sadr City, refurbishing 18 gas stations, renovating hospitals, building new primary healthcare centers, new courthouses, new water distribution networks, repaving roads, repair of area schools and the construction of several new ones.

Nine new fire stations have been built in Baghdad decreasing response time from an average of 15 minutes to 5 or 6 minutes. “Residents can see first hand that their government is working, that improvements to their neighborhoods are taking place, that there’s reason for hope.”


Anonymous said...

What? 30 YEARS of neglect? How can this be?

I thought everything is OUR fault. *Snicker*


Purple Avenger said...

Hey, grand palaces cost a lotta jack.

Sabra said...

Yep, no raping of young girls, bodies not being burned alive, innocent people not being randomly shot, insurgents and other threatening menaces that place our men and women in harm's way not being abused... There's nothing to see here, folks. Come on, now, let's move it along.

Perhaps, and this is just my opinion, but perhaps... If just a few of these positive "news" stories were actually filtered into television screens and onto newsprint instead of the continual drivel that comes screeching of the partisan mouthpieces whose blather serves only to promote the agenda[s] that the hordes of couch potatoes are seemingly so enamored with, there just might not be the level of hostility toward American's trying to secure and rebuild a country that TRULY WAS rescued from a despicable rĂ©gime! No doubt, that a good deal less hostility driven anger and resentment might induce just enough accordance so that perhaps “our” objectives could [AND would] be realized. Again, just my opinion, but…

Until the day happens that a couple of those “blathering partisan mouthpieces” actually wakes up and smells the coffee, “we” are forced to endure anxiety and heart-burn realizing our existence is spiraling – and dangerously, no less – out of control to the point of no return.

More aptly stated, until another 9/11 happens, there just aren’t enough of us or enough time in the day to be able to pummel some sense into so many misguided [misinformed!] souls who sorely lack peripheral vision and functioning brain cells.

Sabra said...

Well, my, oh my, oh my... Looks like someone got just a tad bit carried away there on that previous comment - for a minute or two there, she must have thought it was HER blog!

Oh, wait. That's right. I forgot. Not allowed to post on stuff like that on my blog... Oh, no, no, no, no, no. [Note to self: stick to the "fluff" issues, who got executed, maids being beaten, magazines being censored. Leave the heavy stuff to PA,* Ace, Hillary Needs A Vacation, LGF and Moonbattery.]

Ho hum... Hey, stop by one of these days when you feel like a cup of hot chocolate, a couple of graham crackers, and belting out a few stanzas of Kumbuyya! [My sentiments exactly. Guess we'll see you in your next life.]

Sigh... Heavy sigh...

*PA - Purple Avenger