Monday, December 18, 2006

Michael Bloomberg's conspiracy to commit Federal felonies

First some background about what it takes to buy a gun in this country. Not many moonbats understand this process or what disqualifying conditions already exist, so I'll go through it for everyone.

When someone wants to buy a gun from a licensed dealer(known as a FFL) they MUST, I repeat MUST fill out what is known as BATF Form 4473. The 4473 asks a long laundry list of questions about the person wanting to buy the gun, personal info etc. Lying on this form is a Federal felony (see the form at the BATF link I gave and look at the section at the bottom just above where you sign). There ARE NO EXCEPTIONS in the Federal law(27 CFR) -- if you lied on the form for ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER, you've committed a Felony. Period. End of discussion.

Now we come to the asshat mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, and his plan to enlist PI's to lie on 4473's and go out and try to buy guns illegally. This plan is prima facie evidence of conspiracy to violate Federal firearms law. Should ATF decide to actually enforce this nations laws (not likely) and bring charges against these dupes Bloomberg has enlisted, many of them could go to prison for a year. Bloomberg as the mastermind of this conspiracy could in theory be charged and sentenced to 15 years at Club Fed.

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There's someone out there telling folks to buy guns illegally, and I think it's time we put a stop to it. He's directing contract employees to walk into gun stores, lie on the paperwork about who's buying the gun, and walk out after making a straw purchase.

Even worse, he's bragging about what he's doing. He's holding press conferences to tell the world about what he's done, but so far law enforcement doesn't seem to be listening.

Well, I think it's time we help out the ATF agents that enforce our nation's gun laws. We need to call their Illegal Gun Hotline at 1-800-ATF-GUNS (that's 1-800-283-4867) and alert them to this illegal firearms activity. Tell them that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is hiring private investigators to initiate straw purchases in several states, and you want them to enforce the law[...]
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MikeT said...

But didn't you know? Elected officials are immune from prosecution unless it's something that really pisses off the powers that be that are higher up than they are in the wolf pack hierarchy. The BATF will probably call this some sort of assistance to them unless the public gets so outraged that the BATF has to go after him.