Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How the Philippines deals with foreign demonstrators

Manila Standard
FOREIGNERS taking part in any political rallies against the Association of Southeast Asian Nations meeting in Cebu City next week will be arrested and deported, the Bureau of Immigration said yesterday.

Immigration Commissioner Alipio Fernandez Jr. also said that those arrested and deported would be put on a blacklist and would not be allowed to return.

Foreigners do not have any business interfering with the political affairs of the country,” he said[...]


MikeT said...

I think it goes without saying that the vast majority of the foreigners who would demonstrate in the US would be anti-American. The ones who would be pro-American would probably respect their position as non-Americans and wouldn't try to interfere in our politics.

I wonder, though, if these countries would deport Americans who joined a counter-protest against the Americans demonstrating.

Mr Minority said...

Why can't we have such logical and security minded laws like that? Is America so full of pussies with no cojones, that we can't do the right thing?