Sunday, December 03, 2006

Double trouble

Wow - two disk drives died on me today and started throwing SCSI errors back to the controllers (I'm a SCSI kinda guy for the most part).

A 2.1G Seagate Hawk of unknown origin (it came out of a dumpster a while ago), and a Seagate ST43400N that I'd paid the princely sum of $5 for years ago.

Didn't lose anything other than the time to grab some already on-hand spares and slap them in and reload what was on the dead ones. I always have my critical stuff replicated in many places over many different machines.

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Anonymous said...

You must learn to treat your HD nicely. Buy them some flowers or candy every once in a while, otherwise they go on strike and you are screwed (kinda like marriage).

Mr Minority