Friday, December 08, 2006

Food fight at the Daily Kos!

Saw this Kos post link mentioned at Jules Crittenden's blog.

Kos suggests (almost, but not quite sanely, because his reasoning as always is retarded) that impeachment might not be such a good idea. Then read the comments to that post where "the faithful" start a food fight. Good stuff, really good stuff. The natives are restless and pissed off. I just selected a few comments below, there's scads more where those came from.
"What kind of message would that send to the country and the world? Our leaders are proven criminals, but we don't care because we're worried about the next election."

"I don't trust our "leaders" to do anything at all on behalf of the people.I have no choice but to push hard for impeachment ASAP."

"Kos, Bowers, and the new, upwardly-mobile Democratic elite want the American people to install and fund oversight solely as subsidies to Democratic Party 2008 election campaigns. Justice, governance, popular will be damned. And the outgoing Republicans will agree, to keep that revolving door of Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton rolling.
If Congress impeached Nixon, or even tried him after his resignation, would Reagan/Bush have had such an easy 1980 election after just 4 years?

What a gang of suckers. Them for thinking their copout protects their power, and us for listening to them."

"based on what I saw today in the Bush/Blair press conference of more of the same to come in Iraq, I think the Democrats might actually come to believe that in this case impeachment is governing."


American Crusader said...

After Jimmy Carter..almost any Republican...including Ford, would have won in 1980.
As for the revolving door, I hope Jeb makes a run someday. I don't see Hillary getting elected but the nomination is hers to lose.

Akaky said...

Ah, the revolution is beginning to eat its own. With any luck the 06 thumping will be temporary, as the Democrats will go whole hog to remind people why they were turned out in the first place. We can only hope.

Patton said...

This is only on-topic because it has the word "retards" in it, but I really had to compliment you on the comment below at Ace's. I'm still laughing.

80 I wonder who would actually win in a fight between a beaver and a fighting cock?

Beaver hands down.

Chickens are well...retards. The beaver would hop into the nearest body of water, the chicken would follow him and promptly drown.

There's a reason why McDonald's doesn't sell beaver nuggets - beavers are smart enough to run away from someone trying to turn them into nuggets. Not so with chickens.