Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NASA to announce discovery of UFO launch site on mars

I made that headline up, but it caught your eye didn't it? Hey, I could be a reporter for AP. I can make up sensational shit just as good the professionals.

Water? Major geological revelations? Confirmation of Mars global warming?

WASHINGTON - NASA hosts a news briefing at 1 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Dec. 6, to present new science results from the Mars Global Surveyor[...]


Wickedpinto said...

I prefere Rand's idea's step launch.

In fact, as rand mentions, going to the moon is not important, there can be a gravistatic location somewhere between the earth and the moon, consisting of NON-NEO atomics/nuclear powerplants.

We can just launch a mercury sized robotic fuel depot consisting of numberous atomic/nuclear ion/atomization powerplants far enough away from the earth that the van allens will turn it into IR or maybe UV radiation, and then with a brief chemical rocket initiator, they will circle the sun once, at a the right time, and then they will drive on ION/atomization for the remainder, maitaining fuel , as the command module orbits

Since Mars is so dense with methane, using an atomic/nuke plant, they can condence the initiating fuel while exploring the planet with knowing people, collecting samples, they can return to the lander, discard the atomic/nuke power plant into the sands, for later use, since uranium and plutonium have half lives that rival the history of the earth, for later use.

Chemical lift in the 1/3 gravity is the projection (thats a very LOW measure, buy my guess, but I'm not that well educated) rendeavou with the continuously accelerating command module that was using the gravity in synergy, once linked, chem burm into true escape, and accellerate with the nuke plant.

Also, to make the greeny's happy, dump the atom/nuke (really, it's an atom plant, the ion plants are so fucking arcane, based on what even I have read) and send them towards the moon in a pre-programed probe (we have mapped the known face of the moon as well as we have the earth, so we can control decent on the moon in 3 dimensions, just like we can pick which floor a bomb hits, actually better)

dump the contained plants, in our exploration on the moon in one place, and later? use them, to fuel our robotic moon colonies.

Okay, yeah, I read a lot of sci-fi, bt in real terms? I think that that is the best start.

the anti-atom/nuke boycott of space is just FUCKING RETARDED!!!

I hate when LA's overrule BS's.

Purple Avenger said...

Ha, it was just a water announcement. That's nothing really earth shaking. There had to be water there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Don't you see water on Mars means the possiblity of Martian life. Wow! You know, alien microbes - ugh! Creepy, crawly, smidgens of life ... that may inhabit our bodies, perhaps, in the future? Like we don't have enough trouble with earthly microbes already? Isn't there enough infectious diseases already?

Purple Avenger said...

I think we have to nuke mars just to be sure this menace is taken care of ;->