Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fake gay hate crimes

Sean Gleason has the scoop HERE.

In a nutshell - a couple of whacko lesbians decided to manufacture a "hate crime" to generate publicity for their cause and carved bizarre messages into themselves to support their claims of an attack.

Sean is offering a big cash bet for any moonbat who thinks the story is true. No takers so far. Now he's offering 10:1 odds rather than even money.

Being a sporting kinda guy, I'm going to throw another $500 in to double the pot at Sean's same 10:1 odds. As an old skydiving friend of mine Richie says: "never bet on anything that ain't rigged".

H/T Digital Brownshirt

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digitalbrownshirt said...

I found a picture of Kaspereit's arm and added it the bottom of my post here. It looks like a kitten scratched her arm up. A little neosporin and the marks would be gone in three days.