Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Radical "gay outing" blogger sanitizes 05' Foley outing post

[UPDATE3.1] This is a "must read"

Killer rundown on ID'ing the page who was involved in the scandalous IM's is at: Passionate America.

ABC news has deleted one of their Foley stories. Read about it at MediaBistro.


The radical gay outer, Mike rogers, who seems on a personal crusade to "out" all gay republicans has sanitized his original blog post that outed Foley back in 05'.
The URL above does seem to be deleted off Roger's blog as the search results show, but it may not have been the original Foley outing.

Here is a screen cap of the relevent text from the post at the URL supplied by a commenter:

Why is this important? Well, its because of the last line in that blog post (now gone missing) that suggested more would come regarding Foley as the election approached.

And where did the 75 comments shown in that blog post go? Clicking on the comments brings up an empty comments entry.

I wish I'd screen captured that post a couple of days ago when I noticed that little tidbit hidden at the end.

So, now we have to ask - OK Mike, "what did you know and when did you know it?"

You wouldn't have written that last line suggesting an October suprise unless you knew something back in 05'.

BTW Mike, just incase you're reading this -- I screen captured the blog search results (see above pic) that DO SHOW that URL above used to exist. You nuked the page, but the indexes still betrayed your treachery.

[UPDATE] Mike Rogers is irked that the Democrat Concressional Campaign Committee is stiff arming him and deleting his posts from their blog where he claims to have done the groundwork on the Foley outing.

[UPDATE2] Lots more at Gateway Pundit

There's still a question here: where did Rogers 7 Oct 2005 post I linked above go?


Anonymous said...

You might want to get your facts straight before you go around accusing people of "treachery"

The post you claim was scrubbed is right here:

Purple Avenger said...

Thanks. I stand corrected.