Saturday, October 21, 2006

Radical gay group Human Rights Campaign burned Foley first


HRC has admitted it came from them, but are blaming it on a thusfar "junior staff member hired last month".


To read all about how this was electronically sleuthed out CLICK HERE
how to catch an idiot?
Start with something simple...

Send the moron an email using a tracing tool like ReadNotify, wait until the email is read...
Previously, I'd noted that HRC had donated heavily in the past to the Foley campaign (to the tune of $27,000 in the period since 2000).

The big question here, is why would a group who knew Foley was essentially an ally and typically voted in favor of gay issues the majority of the time, choose to burn him NOW? Obviously if they'd done their homework they knew the page in question was almost 18 at the time and was a willing participant.

You don't burn your friends over what was in reality a marginal scandal -- UNLESS you believe there's something larger at stake -- like thinking the democrats might have a chance of taking control of the congress. Even then, you're not going to burn your friends on a hunch, you're only going to do it if the DNC leadership assures you there will be a real chance and that a single seat could be the difference. Only then might you consider burning a proven friend.

Plainly what needs to happen now is for the FBI to get a court order prohibiting HRC from touching any of their computer systems and IT equipement until a full forensic analysis can be done on the stuff to see if the trail leads anywhere else.

H/T Ace commenter "MikeZ" and Gateway Pundit

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