Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Police ambushed in Paris by "youths"

..a series of violent incidents over the past weeks, culminating in the ambush of three police officers on Friday by youths in Epinay-sur-Seine, north of Paris.

"These guys came to kill. They wore balaclavas, and had baseball bats and iron bars," said Joaquin Masanet, the general secretary of the powerful UNSA police union.

The three officers from the anti-crime brigade, BAC, entered the Orgemont housing estate after an anonymous caller reported a violent car theft.

Once inside, their exit was barred and they were set upon by around 50 youths, who pelted the men with stones. Iron bars smashed their windscreen. They tried to reverse, but a second vehicle boxed them in.

The criminals fled only after the officers fired live ammunition into the air and police reinforcements arrived...


beakerkin said...

Of course you will get the standard line about the Paris teens being spontaneous and peacefull.

The Merry Widow said...

Live ammunition should not be wasted on the air, after the first round is fired as a warning shot, fire for effect! Then maybe they will start to gain some control of the "no-go" zones. To do otherwise is foolish and eventually, suicidal!


MikeT said...

I wonder how close the next French elections are. I have a feeling that the National Alliance is going to poll quite well if these immigrant thugs keep acting up. The last thing they want is the NA in power...