Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Is YouTube editing/censoring user videos?

[UPDATE] -- this has been confirmed as a localized issue on my own systems -- [UPDATE]

Go to THIS WEB PAGE and try to play the last clip at the bottom of the page. Its the one where Oliver North is standing in for Hannity.

I can't get this clip to play past the first interview (which is pro-Murtha) when trying to view it from the Irey site.

Where did the rest of the clip go?

This is a copy of the same clip, with the code for loading it swiped directly off the Irey website. Curiously, it seems to play OK on this blog.

So what is going on here? Is YouTube truncating video on the fly depending on where the referral comes from?

Can someone else check this out and try to play the vid clip from the Irey page mentioned above, then try to play it from here. I need some additional eyes to see if this is a local abberation on my system or a global effect. Please report your results on playing it from the two different locations in the comments section.

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