Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lamont's smear machine blows up in his face

Frigging amateurs. If such an outrageous claim were in fact true, a Leiberman challenger would have trotted it out DECADES prior. This sounds like the heavy (and obviously inept) hand of the Kos/Hamshire axis of evil.

Lamont is truly desperate it would seem.

Hartford Courant
Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman angrily disputed a black leader's unsubstantiated accusation Wednesday that Lieberman lied about his civil rights work in Mississippi 43 years ago.

"Now, that's really outrageous and, of course, it is a lie," Lieberman said at a hastily called press conference, where he blamed the episode on his opponent, Ned Lamont...

...Lamont's campaign, which immediately seemed to grasp the political misstep, disavowed Parker's claim even before Lieberman produced news clippings placing him in Mississippi...

...But the damage was done. The episode gave Lieberman an opportunity to reinforce a constant theme of his campaign - that Lamont has relentlessly distorted Lieberman's record in the contest for the U.S. Senate.

"Don't put this on Hank Parker. This is an open letter to me at a press conference for Ned Lamont," Lieberman said. "Ned Lamont was right there. He can't disown this."

Lamont stood with Parker and other members of the Connecticut Federation of Black Democratic Clubs as they endorsed Lamont and released an open letter to Lieberman. The letter disputed a television ad that recounts his civil rights involvement...

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American Crusader said...

Looks like Ned Lamont stepped into it big-time.
He deserved it.