Thursday, October 26, 2006

Plugging in a fridge is not as simple as you might think

Get a group of electricians together and have'em start talking about electric code requirements. A conversation about the (apparently) simple morphs into something truly strange.

What you might consider to be a fairly cut and dried situation - like how a recepticle for a fridge gets wired up, becomes an amazing exploration into language parsing, naval gazing, and self-doubt that can probe the limits of sanity itself.

You don't need to understand the points in the electric code being discussed here, you just need to realize that even seemingly trivial things can cause professionals fits when the edge of the envelope is involved.

Mike Holt's Electric Code Forum

Click on that link above and be prepared to be amazed at the volume and diversity of opinion/positions on how one should treat the lowly fridge recepticle. As of this posting, 15 pages of discussion have ensued on this issue.

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