Monday, October 23, 2006

Dog cuts off power to 148 homes and erupts in flames

Shocked Gary Davies saw his dog erupt in flames — after it peed on a live power cable. Bailey the Staffordshire bull terrier also cut power to 148 homes by cocking a leg against a faulty pylon.

Gary , 42, said: “There was an almighty explosion and the whole street lit up. I turned round and the dog was on fire.”

Power was off for five hours in Middlestone Moor, Co Durham...


MikeT said...

On the one hand, I feel sorry for the dog. On the other, I would fall over laughing my ass off if I were witnessing a dog bursting into flames after peeing on a powerline. Kinda conficts your heart, you know? Now, what would be funny would be to see one of those copper thieves burst into flames.

I assume you heard about the woman who got a lightning bolt shot out of her butt, right?

Purple Avenger said...

Yea, I heard about the woman.

The dog thing, while somewhat humorous, demonstrates a serious problem with crumbling infrastructure. From an electrical POV, there's no way an animal(or human) pissing on something accessable to the general public should be a problem. The story doesn't mention it, but there was clear negligence in the maintenance of these power lines that resulted in insulation breakdown.