Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trauma, Passivity, & the Fear of Aggression

Normally I don't have a lot of respect for headshrinkers, but this one is spot on. Go read it all.

...A thesis I have been developing on this blog (Demographics & Narcissism) is that a unique combination of sociological and historical trends intersected in the early 1950s (and have persisted, with some blips, through the 1990s) which have had the effect of accentuating the development of Narcissistic character traits. Our material ease, the diminution of the threat of early childhood loss from infectious disease, and the relative peace which has been the norm for the post-war Baby Boomer generation, have all combined to make my generational cohort more likely to develop such character traits. Further, this development has left a large cohort of my peers unable to recognize, and with a decided preference to a cloistered denial of, the current existential dangers facing our civilization. Such trends threaten to disarm us at crucial moments...

H/T Dr. Helen

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