Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cornered rat left winger deleted their whole blog

A few days ago I happened across a blog at THIS URL (don't bother clicking it, its gone now) who's blog author was making a bullshit claim that the US is doing nothing to help in Darfur.

I countered in comments on their blog that we were in fact doing a lot there and directed them to the USAID website showing we've pumped something like $700,000,000 into the region in relief in the past few years.

They were apparently "offended"
(as lefties are prone to being) that I used the word "ignorant" to describe their understanding of Darfur and US involvment there. Well, they were and are ignorant about US aid to Darfur since they couldn't even bother Googling up the USAID program's page. Obviously this was what I term willfull ignorance -- ignorance based on the desire to pitch a particular political POV in spite of evidence to the contrary. I'm quite sure this blogger knew full well what our contributions to the Darfur situation were, or at least that they were non-zero, they were simply engaging in a bit of anti-US propaganda to try and fool their blog readers.

They then deleted a couple of my comments where I kept trying to post the link to the USAID page showing what we've spent in Darfur so their readers would know what the real story was.

Let me say this, TRUTH is not about ideology as this person seems to believe. The US has done almost everything possible short of going to war over the Darfur situation. $700,000,000 in aid is not chunp change.

This is their statement on their now defunct blog that I took objection to:
Don't you think a little more assistance might be called for here? I mean, they've only been screaming for help since the beginning of TIME... how bout some shelter? maybe some medical care? maybe some nutritional goods? maybe some mercy? Nope, not the US, our government thinks you should be able to buy that shit all by YOself... I continue to be embarrassed."

Apparently the harsh light of truth was simply too much for this lefty. Within a day after I posted the link to their blog in my Darfur post comments highlighting their ignorant commentary, they deleted their whole blog. Boo, hoo, hoo.

Real reality, is like kryptonite to leftists.

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MikeT said...

What did you expect from them? That's the standard MO of the average feminist out there. Attack, attack, hide, obfuscate, then retreat.