Monday, October 16, 2006

The great Greenville outhouse festival and auction

I wonder if they come with a complementary Sears Roebuck catalog nailed to the wall?

I yearn for the days of outhouse tipping. This new fangled indoor plumbing stuff really cramps the style of rural pranksters (I proudly count myself as being one while growing up). I was reduced to shoving potatos up tailpipes and similar desperate measures due to the decline of the the outhouse. There were many in the area when I was a youth, but most had fallen into disuse due to the CREEPING SCOURGE OF INDOOR PLUMBING. One simply has not lived until they've plunked their bottom on a splintery plank, been buzzed by wasps, and had to wipe with pages from the Sears catalog. It was such trials that build character.

Belleville News-Democrat
...the American Farm Heritage Museum's first Outhouse Festival and Auction Saturday at its site just off I-70 at Exit 45.

All day, the museum folks will be celebrating one of most enduring American icons from the pre-indoor-plumbing era: The Aunt Susan. The thunder box. The gas chamber. Function junction. Just a few of the countless euphemisms, of course, for the outhouse...

...They won't be slapped-together wood sheds with that crescent moon on the door, no sir. You could be going in style in la-las designed as grain bins and log cabins. There's even a model for NASCAR fans; sure, you have to crawl through the window to enter, but there'll be a seat belt in case your neighborhood ruffians decide to revive that old rite of passage of tipping the thing over...

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