Friday, October 06, 2006

Fun with dead hard disk drives

Back in the late 70's as an undergrad the college had some ancient Burroughs gear with HUGE disk drives -- the platters were like 3' across and very heavy maybe a couple hundred pounds. Something went whacked and one cut loose off the spindle and punched it way through a concrete block wall.

Nice Domino setup with dead Maxtors


RobC said...

We used 10 inch Winchesters that had 2 removeable platters and held 10 meg. huge in those days...

Purple Avenger said...

I remember seeing some of those big ones in a computer graveyard in MA about 25 years ago.

Too pricy and wouldn't interface to anything I had at the time. I did buy a couple of ancient Seagate 5M MFM drives though.