Friday, October 06, 2006

Foley "leaker" page ID'd -- Pelosi implicated

See Macsmind for the whole thing I've excerpted the most critical stuff below.

Robin Katsaros 12900 Atherton Ct. Los Altos Hills CA 94022...

...Now who is Robin? Well besides being supportive of the John Conyers agenda, you know “Get the majority, Impeach Bush”, her son is Christopher Katsaros who was a congressional page who was appointed by Rep. Nancy Pelosi...

Christopher Katsaros(bio)
CHRISTOPHER KATSAROS is a sophomore at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. He grew up in Los Altos Hills, CA--just outside of San Francisco. Christopher served his junior year of High School working as a Congressional Page by appointment of Nancy Pelosi, currently the Democratic House Leader. In addition to politics, Chris also enjoys shopping, artichokes, the sun and summer in general. Next semester, Christopher will be going to Dakar, Senegal, where he will go to school and work for an NGO (as well as doing some work with the Peace Corps).

MySpace page
...And one more thing, I cheer for France and sometimes think of myself as European rather than American,...

...Orientation: Gay...

According to his age, approximately 21 this would have put him in the congressional page assignment in 2003, or around the same time as Edmund.

As you remember from Drudge’s blockbuster yesterday, it was a “source” that stated they knew Edmund and that it all was a prank, an accusation that Edmund’s criminal attorney of course denies.

Now would all this be the reason that Madem Pelosi was so defensive about taking polygraphs? What did she know about Chris? When did she know it?

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