Saturday, January 06, 2007

Top islamist ICU money man nabbed in Kenya

The US has been prepping Kenya for quite a while to play this role. Kenya is the anvil. The Ethiopian hammer is whistling down...

Abukar Omar Addane, one of the main financers of the defeated Islamic Courts Union and his son have been captured from the Kenyan border town of Liboa by the Kenyan police.

Reports say that the police was informed about the presence of these men in the town and they suddenly rushed to where the Islamists were hiding, local resident said[...]

[...]Both of them were suspected to be among the fleeing Islamists in the border areas between Somalia and Kenya where Somalia government troops backed by Ethiopian forces are engaging clashes with the remnants of Islamic fighters who are on the run.

Earlier, the Kenyan government barred Islamists to enter its country as it put high alert on the Kenyan forces at the border with Somalia.

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