Saturday, January 27, 2007

The law of unintended consequences: "green" == hungry

Squeeze the world corn market with high demands for Ethanol, and there will obviously be less corn making its way into the food pipeline and corn based food product prices will spike. Econ 101.

Al Gore don't like poor Mexicans ;->

[...]Tortilla prices have tripled or quadrupled in some parts of Mexico since last summer[...]

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Wickedpinto said...

Subsidy dependant operations (ie those set up by jesse jackson) ALWAYS use the most convenient form, while those established research business (the bio material ethanol and diesel business that use corn STALKS! to fabricate a multi extract form) are left in the background so that the easy money can be made through subsidies in small quanitities, through specific diversion of materials.

But hey, the MEAN WELL!!