Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pelosi backs the surge?

MP Hassan Sinead stressed that US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed her liking of Prime Minister Noori Maliki and his programs for security and democracy in Iraq

While he said that Maliki would surprise outlaws by swoop down them at accurate, exact and complete plan.Maliki offered to Pelosi who visited Baghdad details about Government tasks especially security plan and she stressed support Democratic Party to PM and focused on that some disputes with Republican Party wouldn’t affect US support to Iraq.These signs stressed shifting the plan to wide activate stage especially with political escalation from White House against sides affect negative on security situation in Iraq, and what have been said that US Defense Minister Robert Gates began speedup timetable of entering added troops

Also of interest: Qazanyia dam goes online. Major benefits to Iraqi agriculture expected to occur in the region as a result.

Citizens suggest one week amnesty for insurgents to turn over weapons before major operations begin.

This would be in keeping with the Koran's requirement to offer repentance/redemption to miscreants before dropping the hammer on them hard. The implication of course, is that the citizenry are willing to have the hammer dropped HARD if they're extending this sort of offer. This is not a good time to be a bad guy in Iraq.


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