Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Michael Fumento wades into the fever swamps

As well as doing some outstanding reporting on Iraq, Michael Fumento recently wandered into the fever swamps of the "Progressive Public Health Discussion" arena by stating he believed the Avian Flu pandemic scare was largely horse shit and offered 10:1 odds to any moonbat who believed there would be a pandemic within the next year.

This particular moonbat seems to belive there is a 50/50 chance of a pandemic.

50/50? THAT is a scary number, real scary. You got better odds playing Russian Roulette! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE OF AVIAN FLU IN THE NEXT YEAR unless crash preparations are made INSTANTLY.


beakerkin said...

Fumento is an interesting writer.

MikeT said...

Fever swamp and the left generally go hand-in-hand. What else can you say about it, knowing where its history comes from? The idea that there is a super-powerful cabal of capitalists keeping 99% of society down...

Anonymous said...

LOL. Flues are in chimneys. Flu is short for influenza, a viral disease. You might want to read the post you linked to on Effect Measure and comment on the science there. Probably not. Sigh.

Purple Avenger said...

Yo moonbat, 30 years worth of netiquette says you just lost any argument you might have had.

revere said...

pa: LOL again. 30 years of netiquette? Hardly. I was using arpanet in the 80s (while you were in diapers). But the question is, what exactly is the breach of etiquette here? Just curious, because no one reads this site, but was wondering what you had in mind -- assuming you had anything in mind except the desire to use "moonbat" in a sentence. It's a commercial in the ball game so I have a few seconds to kill.

Purple Finger? Is that a reference to the wonderful Iraqi experiment in democracy? Thanks for that, on behalf of over 3000 killed and 30,000 wounded. I doubt you care about the Iraqis, so I won't count them.

Purple Avenger said...

I was using arpanet in the 80s (while you were in diapers)

Diapers? Hardly. My bachelors in came in 1980. In fact my whole programming career as an undergrad was done on punch cards.

We had ArpaNet at UCSD when I was in grad school though.

Purple Avenger said...

But the question is, what exactly is the breach of etiquette here?

Criticism of spelling/grammar in immediate online media makes you the defacto loser of any argument.

Been that way forever noob.

Anonymous said...

Wandered back here just to see what you would say. Like watching a car accident. Regarding the spelling error, you miss my meaning (surprise). It was a knowledge error, and I see it frequently from people who know nothing about flu write. They mistake it for the more common chimney flue. So I was noting your ignorance, not your inability to write or spell or type.

So you got a BS in 1980? So you really aren't as juvenile as your writing. My mistake. Of course I have another coulple of decades on you, but who's counting?

I notice Fumento got kicked off of Winds of Change for being such an asshole. I'm surprised they ever let him on. He's been an asshole for years. But birds of a feather, as they say in the bird flu biz.

Purple Avenger said...

I know the difference between a virus and chimney. Most people do. People like me who grew up rural where flue fires are a big deal and cause many places to burn down know it more than most.

You were picking on spelling, no matter what your protestations to the contrary assert.

And I got my Masters some time around 83'

Do you want to take my challenge? 10:1 odds, $1,000 that there is no major bird flu outbreak in the next 12 months. Put up $100 to take my grand.

How much do you guys really believe in your bullshit? Enough to back it with cash or just hit air?

Purple Avenger said...

Oh, if you'd looked around this blog at all you'd have realized I'm fairly well educated.

Take this post for example

The don't let morons fuck around with the Space Shuttle flight computers.