Monday, January 08, 2007

Spooky fires up AQ in southern Somalia

CBS News
A U.S. Air Force gunship has conducted a strike against suspected members of al Qaeda in Somalia[...]

[...]Once they started moving, the al Qaeda operatives became easier to track, and the U.S. military started preparing for an air strike, using unmanned aerial drones to keep them under surveillance and moving the aircraft carrier Eisenhower out of the Persian Gulf toward Somalia. But when the order was given, the mission was assigned to the AC-130 gunship operated by the U.S. Special Operations command.

If the attack got the operatives it was aimed at, reports Martin, it would deal a major blow to al Qaeda in East Africa[...]

UPDATE: (this didn't take long did it?)

At least one libtard was quick to respond in condemning this strike likening it to extra-judicial execution. However, conspicuously absent from said leftards rant was any indication of willingness to take said terrorists into their home as roommates.


The Machinist said...

Well, now, somethinh is happening in Djibouti. I replied to that post back from November but of course it is deeply buried. Now, wrt that:

Are the French special forces the ones on the ground working with the Ethiopians? Calling in Spectre strikes? Gathering intel on the ICU?

If not, and this seems on its face an American show, was the pullout payoff for sanction of these strikes? Did the French fear retaliation in AF?

Has France commented on the strikes?

Deep thoughts, by Jack Handey...

Purple Avenger said...

Before alleging a "payoff", maybe you should first explain why a US President would need French "sanction" for anything, and why we would pay them off for something they're free to do at anytime as suits them anyway?

The Machinist said...

From Djibouti? The, uh, FRENCH airbase? Think we just breeze in and out of there like we own the place? Because, you know, we don't.

The Machinist said...

BTW I did not allege it, I am trying to draw connections. I would think the first more likely than the second. I suppose I omitted "Or what?" as the third, if you like.

Purple Avenger said...

The, uh, FRENCH airbase?


That just happens to be on Djibouti soil...and happens to be commercial as well as military.

Djibouti has been independent from the French since the time Carter was president. They play a role, but the country is independent.

The US negotiated use of the airfield and ports with the Djibouti government in 2001 as part of the Camp LeMonier reactivation deal.

So...we've had the use of that airfield WITHOUT the approval of the French for at least 4 years.

Next question.

Purple Avenger said...

And if you think I'm bullshitting you about the military agreements with Djibouti, maybe you'll trust the US State Department

The Machinist said...

I would be more likely to believe your unsupported word than that of the State Department ;>