Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The anti death penalty crowd's new poster boy?

[...]Richard Dicker, director of an international justice program of New York-based Human Rights Watch, said: "The execution of Saddam, a human-rights monster, turned his unspeakable record upside down."[...]

Frankly, I think they'd be better off pitching Ted Bundy. Its harder to get people jazzed over a guy who's victims you need a super computer to count rather than a guy who's victims can be counted on a couple of hands. Lets face it, mass graves creep most people out...unless they're hard core leftists of course, then mass graves are just all in a day's work.

Admittedly, Saddam has had more raw unbridled star power to mitigate against those heavy victim volume negatives. Bundy never had the international psychotic cachet needed to get airliners full of moronic human shields leaping to his defense either - advantage Saddam.

However, Bundy wasn't found hiding in a hole like a rat either. Advantage Bundy. Hiding in a hole like a rat was just tacky. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Lets face it, Bundy was a better looking guy than Saddam too. Saddam was never going to make the cover of GQ even on a good day. Saddam needs needed a bigger makeover than Rosie O'Donnell to be presentable in public. The last time Saddam even came close to being hot was like 45 years ago! Bundy had real promise here. A little makeup, an Alec Baldwin hairdo and Bundy could indeed have made the cover of GQ. Point for Bundy. People like their mass murderers to be photogenic. Seriously, what good is a poster boy who looks like a turd on a poster?

Got to have the look.

Got. To. Be. Hot. -- or you'll never get people like Paris Hilton on board.

So, all factors considered, I have to say HRW is making a strategic blunder here going with the Saddam product over the Bundy product.

Being based in the USA, HRW should have considered the publicity negatives associated with choosing foreign products over domestic ones. Do we really need to outsource like this?

Have we no pride?

Is there not some domestic home grown, true American mass murderer or serial killer somewhere in this great land that has the chops to make it in the big city as HRW's poster boy? Sure there is. You all know him. You all love him. Ted Bundy is was that man.

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Bandit said...

They broke up with Tookie and went with Saddam - now their's only Fidel left.