Monday, January 22, 2007

Palm Beach County dems play loose with election cash

Pravda In Paradise
The people who received the cash in $50, $20 and $5 bills weren't listed when the party filed a report last week on its activities for November and December. Florida law requires a party or candidate to list the full name and address of each person to whom a campaign expenditure is made.

County Democratic Chairman Wahid Mahmood [yes, he's a muslim] said he didn't know about the cash payments [yea right] until the Politics column started asking questions last week. Mahmood said the party would get the names of the cash recipients and file an amended report detailing who was paid[...]

[...]The $4,900 check from the party, Enright said, was given to her with Mahmood's blessing for the specific purpose of getting cash to pay Election Day workers. Enright said the typical worker got $75 in an envelope that contained a $50 bill, a $20 bill and a $5 bill. When the $4,900 turned out to be not quite enough, Enright said, Mahmood approved the $225 check three days later so she could pay additional workers.


comraderedoctober said...

As a former candidate for office I happen to know that every person is sent by mail and it is post at the Florida Division of Elections website Chapter 106 re: Election Law. Even when different persons gather at meetings from the "Division" the book Ch. 106 is handed out freely. The only reason a person cannot know is if said person did not read the law. Even if I or someone accepts an in-kind property or service on behalf of myself, one's self as candidate or the party outside of money the value must be reported although it is not cash or check.

Purple Avenger said...

The only reason a person cannot know is if said person did not read the law.

The issue here isn't really Mahmood's knowing or not, although it hard to believe he didn't. That's a triviality.

Actually the whole thing is a minor point...assuming they can in fact correct all the documentation. That's something I wonder about, but we shall see.

The Post's article also left me wanting to know more for comparative purposes -- like how much cash did the republicans spread around on election day?

It would have been an interesting counterpoint. Knowing the post, when they leave stuff like that out, it is meaningful ;->