Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pelosi: 110,000+ African AIDS deaths "fiscally responsible"

I guess this is part of the Democrat's "new direction". With the non-stroke of a pen, the Democrats will kill more people in one year via neglect than Bush ever could in two wars during the same year.

Smart. Tough. Homicidally "compassionate". Time to start the Pelosi Death Clock™, so we can keep track of the "grim milestones".

San Francisco Chronicle
[...]As a result, 350,000 HIV-positive people slated to start AIDS drug treatment, most of them in Africa, won't get their medicine. Dybul estimated that 110,000 to 175,000 of them will die[...]

[...]President Bush's PEPFAR program had targeted 2007 for a major scale-up of the drug treatment program, and he had requested that spending for the year grow to $4 billion from $3.2 billion in 2006[...]

[...]Democrat leaders decided that, rather than renew the contentious budget debates that went nowhere in the fall, they would pass one more continuing resolution to keep nearly all federal spending levels flat until October[...]

[...]Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Pelosi, said she is fully aware of the problem. "She staunchly supports these programs, but we are also trying to achieve fiscal responsibility," he said[...]


Wickedpinto said...

Saw a Frontline Docu that said explicitly that the cases of "AIDS" in africa, are not diagnosed through HIV testing but rather a collection of diseases that have been contracted in the last 2 years.

If the US and western europe didn't give a fuck about illness, or vaccination, Many MORE in the US would have "hiv" even though they never tested for it.

Whats it called? recursive? retractive? reductive? analisys?

So First, the AIDS rate in Africa is fundamentaly bullshit, and no headway WILL be made unless you tell these half savages to stop fucking people if they know they will end up killing their partner.

Sounds horrible, but if the situation is so bad in africa, you know the best method of treating it?

A stalinesque pogram.

I don't support it, but if it's SUCH A VITAL GLOBAL HUMAN THREAT! then, invest yourselves caring and loving people.

MikeT said...

It's not fiscally responsible to be giving them even a dime of our money, nor is it moral to do so. Tax dollars should not be spent on foreign aid programs that lack strategic value to the United States. It not only takes hard-earned money from private citizens, but it also fosters a culture of dependency in the country that receives our money.

Purple Avenger said...

Actually, I believe Africa has great strategic value to the USA. If we get Africa on its feet, we created an economic counterbalance to the PRC.

Purple Avenger said...

Go back and read THIS POST. Its pretty clear the PRC sees great economic value in the destruction of the African manufacturing base.

Wickedpinto said...

Not arguing the strategic value of africa, the forgotten continent, just saying that using AIDS as a toehold is false, how about economic aid, or food aid, both of which have been explicitly refused thanks to UN meddling.