Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why are the Kiwis so interested in bomb making?

My first thought is that one might check the specific IP's making the requests to see if there are some stable high bandwidth open anonymous proxy servers in those locales that the hits are coming from. I'm sure terrorists and such are aware of anonymous proxy servers and the advantage of using them. If that is not the case, then WTF?

NZ Herald
Internet users in New Plymouth and Auckland are the keenest in the world to find recipes for making bombs, according to a leading counter-terrorism expert.

Nicholas O'Brien, a former Scotland Yard terrorism expert, told a security conference in Sydney yesterday that the popular internet search engine Google had recorded an extraordinary number of NZ-based searches for bomb-making techniques, the West Australian newspaper reported.

Professor O'Brien, from Charles Sturt University in NSW, said data provided by Google's online statistics web page, Google Trends, showed Auckland and New Plymouth recorded the highest volume of per capita hits for the search term "make bombs" of any cities in the world.

New Plymouth was ranked first, then Auckland, and then Perth. Brisbane was the fourth highest ranked city for that search term, followed by Auckland's North Shore, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Halifax (Canada) and Salt Lake City (Utah).


TrashCom1 said...

The "Trash Dispatch" has linked to this story "Here" because of the obvious parallels between immigration, illegal immigration, and Terrorist Bombings.

Noted at the Trash Dispatch, is Yahoo's increase in searches for Australian and New Zealand Immigration. It would "seem" therefore, that the best policy for preventing terrorism, is the Tightening of border security, rather than the Open Border policy which, President Bush, and virtually ALL of our politicians, do support. (including, apparently, the politicians of Australia and New Zealand.)

However, could it be that, the Best policy for preventing terrorism, is a Changing of the Guard? (And I don't mean, just the president.) And if so, then, HOW? (as "the Legal Citizens", don't seem to be willing to do anything, but maybe, blog about it. hmmm?) ~TC

Mike said...

This reminds me, if you look around on digg, you should be able to find a cool instructional video on how to make thermite.

Purple Avenger said...

I've used thermite based products (CadWelds) quite a bit for exothermic welding of ground wire to ground rods in electrical installations.

The CadWeld system only uses about a soda bottle cap's worth of material.

I do have a quart can of finely milled AL powder out in the garage if I ever needed to do some serious demolition though ;->

S. Weasel said...

I got a Google hit today on "gate 33 logan airport" -- which kinda creeped me out. Also on "ferrets humping" which REALLY creeped me out.

Weasel porn. Meh.