Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dumber than a bag of rocks? or attempted murder?

There is a fine line between attempted murder and just too dumb to know any better. I think this moron is sitting right on it. Flip a coin.

Personally, I think the teen would benefit from say 9 months or a year in prison which would provide him the time necessary to reflect on what being a good citizen implies.

UK Metro
A teenager has turned off the life-support machine of a fellow hospital patient because he said he couldn't sleep with the noise.

Frederik Moelner's attempts to get some kip were interrupted by the noisy machine that was keeping the 76-year-old in the neighbouring bed breathing.

So the 17-year-old, who ended up in the intensive care ward after he was involved in a car crash decided to turn it off, reports Ananova.

Luckily medical staff at the hospital in Southern Germany quickly realised what had happened, and reconnected the lucky pensioner who survived.

They then contacted local police who are now investigating.
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