Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fred! overtakes Rudy, McWhatshisname and somebody fade


Fred! 28%
Rudy 27%
The seven dwarfs 10% each

This has to scare the crap out of the democrats. Two strong republican contenders, both "electable", are now leading and pulling away.

The left tries to spin Rudy as somehow damaged because of his personal life, but that's a crock of shit. Everyone knew Clinton was a tomcatting scum when they elected him twice, so the bar of what's acceptable has been permanently lowered. I certainly don't care about Rudy's private life, nor does his stance on abortion concern me much because I know in my heart that, like it or not, that issue is settled with SCOTUS. I'd make book at 10:1 odds that Roe v Wade isn't going to be revisited in any significant manner in the next 20 years.

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Mike said...

I think you overestimate their strength. Fred Thompson is hardly different from Bush in many of the ways that count. In fact, he is actually almost as bad as Giuiliani on issues like abortion that the GOP base cares about. Not only will those two candidates fail to excite the base, they'll also be not much different from Hillary Clinton when she runs. If it's those two versus Hillary, it's going to be a loss for the Republicans because it'll then become a referendum on how the Republicans have run things.