Sunday, June 10, 2007

Puppy sodomized. WTF?


Douglas said...


I can't describe how much I hate people who abuse "pets" who are really non-human family members.

When I found out my childhood dog was given to the humane society, I put on a strong face in front of my family but I cried for days in those places that my family couldn't see.

When I lost my teenage poochie (it was MY poochie) actually my brother lost it, I put on a tough face, but I cried like a child for days.

And now my brothers wife's dog is too old too weak and will die soon, and when that happens, my brother won't be able to put a brave face on it, cuz his wife is gonna be a fucking WRECK!

Anyone who can abuse pet's is almost as bad as anyone who can abuse a child.

The dogs will never understand, they will only remember the abuse.

I hope that whoever is responsible for this is found, and killed, and I'm not kidding.

That dog loved someone, and didn't bite that guys crank off, cuz it was confused and didn't understand, but trusted, and that human destroyed the trust that has existed between humans and dogs for SEVERAL century's.

I hate these people.

Purple Avenger said...

Some people say there is no such thing as "evil", but when stories like this surface, it seems pretty clear to me there is.