Friday, September 29, 2006

Another florida stripper bust

I hereby offer my "services" as a professional "investigator" to the Hillsborough County sheriff's office. I feel certain I can accomplish this kind of "investigation" for say $3,000 -- a savings of 50% to the taxpayers.

Tampa Bay 10
Tampa, Florida (AP) — County records show Hillsborough County officers spent more than $6,000 for 92 lap dances, drinks and tips in an investigation into nudity and liquor law violations at an adult bikini bar.

The investigation spanned more than two years.

Sheriff David Gee says sometimes that's what it takes to get rid of problems.

Gee says vice detectives first targeted Lil Tootsie's nightclub after deputies responded to numerous calls ranging from violence to DUI arrests.

The agency recently asked county commissioners to revoke the club's special permit to serve alcohol.

Records show sheriff's detectives sought 41 misdemeanor nudity charges against 15 dancers at the club, but were unable to identify another 34 dancers.

Foley page essays

Congressional pages are required to write a "essay" on why they want to be a page. A confidential source has provided a couple of examples of these essays recently submitted to Mark Foley's office.

This one was rejected:
Me so horny, me so horny, I love you long time. I be your boom boom girl for long time baby. I wet thinking about congressman. I wet thinking about congresswoman. I wet thinking about Nancy Pelosi. Me love you long time baby. Long long time.
This one was accepted to begin next congressional term:
I don't own a cell phone. I don't own a computer. I don't even know how to use a computer or the internet. My short term memory is very poor. I can't remember anything that happened even 5 minutes prior. I have 6-pack abs, and a package that can work all night long. I like boxers with little red hearts on them. I'm very succeptable to alcohol. One drink gets me plastered and taking my cloths off. I like to party even though I can't remember what happened in the morning.

If you think I-95 sucks you need to see this

Click on that link for a lot of pictures of this amazing Russian "freeway".

This is Russian Federal highway Moscow city - Yakutsk City, named “Lena”, nowadays.

The road doesn’t have asfalt surface, though it is a Federal, vital highway.

Everytime it rains the road gets paralized, these shots are made a few days before the traffic jam for 600 cars got stuck there. Hunger and lack of the fuel followed, according to the witnesses. One woman gave a born to a child right in the public bus she was riding.

Construction team afraids to appear on site because during their previous visit it was beaten by people who stuck in the jam for a few days. People breaking the locks on the trucks, in a search of food and warm cloths.

Fuel, food, firearms and steel tow-line are the things that are needed most these days on this Federal highway.

Murtha's Abscam video

American Spectator (click here)


Payback is a bitch.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Clouds, clouds, and more clouds!

CLICK HERE and gaze at the wonder of nature

Hornet busting through the speed of sound

Click HERE for an explanation and larger wallpaper sized image.

Hacking the Dallas DS1287 RTC chip

I can't even remember how many computers and motherboards I've tossed out over the years because their damn Dallas RTC chip batteries died (it wasn't worth buying a "new" one for $25 that had been on the shelf for 3 years and would crap out in a year or two anyway). It seems some inventive soul has come up with a method to hack the wretched things and install an external replacable battery. I'll be trying this out on a couple of few Dallas infested old machine's I've still got left.

MCA Mafia (click here for more details)

Unconventional sex test

I seem to have lived a very sheltered and sequestered life after taking this test.

OK Cupid (click here to take it)

Florida migrant camp owners convicted on crack cocaine slavery charges


...the owners of two migrant labor camps were found guilty in federal court of luring drug addicts and homeless people into indentured servitude by forcing them to work off debts from the purchase of crack cocaine, cigarettes and beer.

Ronald Evans Sr., 60, was found guilty Aug. 25 in Jacksonville, FL, of operating a “continuing criminal enterprise,” which carries a sentence ranging from a mandatory 20 years to life, and a fine of up to $2 million, according to a U.S. Department of Justice statement.

Evans and his wife, Jequita, 45, were both found guilty by a jury of selling more than 50 grams of crack cocaine, the statement said. That charge carries a sentence of 10 years to life and a fine of up to $4 million. A sentencing date has not been set...

Acts of war?

It seems to me, a suitable response would be to splash every known Chinese sat, military AND commercial.

Can there be any doubt that this is prelude to an invasion of Taiwan?

China has secretly fired powerful laser weapons designed to disable American spy satellites by "blinding" their sensitive surveillance devices, it was reported yesterday.

The hitherto unreported attacks have been kept secret by the Bush administration for fear that it would damage attempts to co-opt China in diplomatic offensives against North Korea and Iran...


A commenter at Ace's place directed me to THIS DoD document which details a US policy change from the Clintonian era that states:
Purposeful interference with U.S. space systems
will be viewed as an infringement on our sovereign rights.

The U.S. may take all appropriate self-defense measures,
including, if directed by the National Command Authorities
(NCA), the use of force, to respond to such an infringement
on U.S. rights.


Burn baby burn, Belgian inferno -- catch the fever

Even the self proclaimed "Voice of conservatism in europe" can't bring itself to call a spade a spade here and say "rioting muslims".

Brussles Journal
It looks as if immigrants youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of ramadan into an annual tradition. Around 8:30pm last night violence erupted again in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The riots centered on the Brussels Marollen quarter and the area near the Midi Train Station, where the international trains from London and Paris arrive. Youths threw stones at passing people and cars, windows of parked cars were smashed, bus shelters were demolished, cars were set ablaze, a youth club was arsoned and a shop was looted. Two molotov cocktails were thrown into St.Peter’s hospital, one of the main hospitals of central Brussels.
H/T Ace

UC Davis: cell phones vulnerable to battery attacks

Has your phone died abnormally quickly recently?

UC Davis
Cell phones that can send or receive multimedia files could be targeted by an attack that stealthily drains their batteries, leaving cellular communications networks useless, according to computer security researchers at UC Davis...

...the MMS protocol, which allows cell phones to send and receive pictures, video and audio files, can be used to send packets of junk data to a cell phone. Every time the phone receives one of these packets, it "wakes up" from standby mode, but quickly discards the junk packet without ringing or alerting the user. Deprived of sleep by repeated pulses of junk data, the phone's batteries run down up to 20 times faster than in regular use...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sandia: Wireless drivers vulnerable

Sandia's approach works like this: different device drivers for various wirless gear exhibit different patterns of transmission. By matching the patterns to an established database of card/driver combinations, the device driver running on some nearby machine can be identified using PASSIVE monitoring that is impossible for the target machine to detect. Encryption schemes are useless for thwarting this type of driver fingerprinting. Once a particular driver is identified, then an attacker could go to work on the particular security vulnerabilities of that driver.

I will say this -- ever since wireless came out I have been highly suspect of its ability to ever be truly secure. I don't trust it, and would never use it. My house is wired with double shielded(outer mesh, inner foil) copper cable.
Sandia National Lab(this is a PDF document)
...We designed, implemented, and evaluated a technique
for passive wireless device driver fingerprinting that
exploits the fact that most IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless
drivers have implemented different active scanning algorithms.

We evaluated our technique and demonstrated
that it is capable of accurately identifying the wireless
driver used by 802.11 wireless devices without specialized
equipment and in realistic network conditions.
Through an extensive evaluation including 17 wireless
drivers, we demonstrated that our method is effective in
fingerprinting a wide variety of wireless drivers currently
on the market

The leftist body count continues to rise

Not to excuse the Nazis, there's plenty of blood on their hands to go around, but the Worker's Paradise™ gets to claim another 200,000-300,000 body mass grave as its own.
A Ukrainian government commission has concluded that thousands of people buried in a mass grave outside Kiev were killed during Stalin's purges, not by Nazi soldiers...

...Unofficial estimates put the number of bodies in the grave at 200,000 to 300,000.
Villagers in Bykovnia broke five decades of silence to accuse Stalin's secret police after the Ukrainian government erected a monument in May 1988 blaming Nazi occupiers for the crime. The villagers in December forced Ukrainian authorities to establish the commission, saying three previous investigations had covered up the truth by blaming Nazi troops...
H/T to HERE and HERE

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Convicted PRC spy gets only 3 months in prison

Three months at Club Fed seems kinda light to me.

I also want to know who the hell these "current and former intelligence and military officials" who urged the judge to give this treasonous fuck a light sentence are. I want to know why they aren't getting a complete rectal exam vetting and shakedown and why the ones who are "current" aren't currently UNEMPLOYED for vouching for a confessed SPY. Seriously, fuck these people, fuck'em in the ass and damn all these treasonous bastards to hell.


Update Update Update Update Update

The judge, Gerald Bruce Lee was a Clinton appointee.

Update Update Update Update Update

...U.S. counterintelligence and security officials are upset that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Stephen Cambone, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence, were silent on the case of former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Ronald Montaperto. Montaperto was sentenced to three months in prison last week for illegally keeping classified documents and passing sensitive intelligence to Chinese agents...

H/T In From The Cold


CIC Centre
...On Wednesday, 21 June 2006 he plead guilty to one count of unlawful retention of classified national defense information (February 4, 2004) 18 U.S.C. 793(e)...Admitted to verbally providing Chinese military attaches a considerable amount of information that was useful to them, including classified information...

...The information supplied to the Chinese included top secret details of the sale of Chinese military equipment and missiles to the Middle East.

Included both "secret" and "top secret" data.

Had close, continuing, unauthorized relationships with PRC intelligence officers who were assigned as military attaches at the PRC Embassy in Washington, DC...

...BIO: Consultant, Asian Affairs Ronald Montaperto is a Visiting Professor of Political Science at East Carolina University and a consultant on Asian Affairs. He was dean of Academics at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. Previously, he was the Senior Research Professor at the National Defense University. In his distinguished career, he has served as a faculty member in the Political Science Department at Indiana University-Bloomington, Director of East Asian Studies at Indiana University, the Henry L. Stimson Chair of Political Science at the U.S. Army War College, and the Chief of Estimates for China at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He frequently appeared as a guest analyst of Chinese and Asian affairs, and was a Professional Lecturer in Political Science at the George Washington University. He has published four books as well as numerous articles on Asia security issues, Chinese foreign and national security politics and Chinese domestic politics. He co-authored with Gordon Bennett, The Political Biography of Dai Hsiao-ai, which was nominated for a National book Award. Dr. Montaperto earned his PhD in Political Science from the University of Michigan...

Washington Times
...was sentenced to three months in prison yesterday -- far shy of four to five years called for in sentencing guidelines. Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee said that despite the "very serious charge" against Ronald Montaperto, he was swayed to reduce the sentence based on letters of support from current and former intelligence and military officials...

Mel Gibson drunk driving online video game

Great fun. Mel drives along picking up bottles of booze, running over troopers and getting stars of David whipped at him by irate rabis.


H/T Beak Speaks

XB-70 in flight footage and crash aftermath

An amazing airplane. Take a look and remember all the test pilots who've perished over the years.

History Channel(has the video)

Oprah can't pump gas?

Poor Oprah. Life in the celebrity bubble really isolates you from the common man I guess. Hey Oprah, my 73 year old mom knows how to pump gas and change a tire. She also drives a stick shift which would probably baffle your elitist ass.

...he toughest part of the trip for Oprah however wasn't the road itself, but at the gas station. The Queen of TV had to be helped out as she fumbled with the pump, saying "I haven't pumped gas since 1983."...

Keith's fractal art

Some really nice fractals here: Keith's Fractal Art. Give'em a look. It takes a lot to impress me, I was impressed.

H/T Look Within (who really needs to take a second look at the unusable format of their blog ;->)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Finnish court: rules $32,000 titty squeeze too expensive

It does sound a bit high to me, but we've not seen "the evidence" here either, so maybe these were extraordinarily fine examples truly worth such a prince's ransom.

A fee of 25,500 euros ($32,000) is way too much for a woman to charge a man for fondling her bosom, a Finnish district court ruled.

The court jailed a couple in their twenties for more than a year for charging a 74-year-old who suffers from dementia a total of 25,500 euros to enjoy the woman's breasts on 10 occasions.

"Based on general life experience alone, it is indisputably clear that a 25,500 euro charge is disproportionate to the compensation in question," Judge Hasse Hakki, who heard the case, told Reuters Friday.

But he said the court in Kokkola, about 300 miles north of Helsinki, would not decide "the proper financial value of the compensation."

The retiree filed charges against the couple, who were convicted of extortionate overcharging, even though he told the court he paid the price willingly at the time.

Karzai attacks radical madrassas

This is a strong statement. Karzai is taking a big step here placing himself squarely in the crosshairs of the jihadis. There's no way to walk this cat back, so I guess that means he's fully onboard.

In making this statement, it also implies he believes his army and security apparatus are faithful enough and strong enough now to make it stick within Afganistan. This implication is probably more significant than the statement itself.

Herald Sun
Madrassas, or Islamic schools, are "teaching hatred rather than religion, (teaching) that some people we must hate, that some people we must destroy," Mr Karzai said on the eve of summits with the US and Pakistan.

He said it "will take a lot of sacrifice from Afghans, and from the rest of the world . . . to get rid of those places who . . . in the name of religious schools . . . are actually training suicide bombers against us".

Mr Karzai also said neighbouring Pakistan must find the political will to eliminate terrorist breeding grounds if Afghanistan is to know peace. He said other nations had to pressure them to do so.

"We have to convince them that it is not in their interest, that it is going to hurt all of us eventually," he was quoted as saying...
H/T Macker's World

Persuasion motivational poster

Prayer of the day

Found this over at Eye of Polyphemus which I encourage you to take a gander at.

Corbin Bernsen's KISS snowglobe Army

If you send a snowglobe to Corbin (who is apparently a HUGE snowglobe collector), he'll send you an autographed photo of himself and the guy who gave him the KISS snowglobe.

One Red Paperclip

The Corbin Bernsen KISS Snow Globe Army WORLD HEADQUARTERS
14749 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys CA

Live cockroach jewelry

Not jewelry for your pet cockroach, rather a pet cockroach as jewelry for you. Only $80. As they say, cheap at twice the price. If you're starving in the desert, they are edible as well.

Black Chandelier

H/T WW of the WWW

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jihad moves north of the artic circle


Obscure muslim sect prays to women's lingerie

H/T to a commenter Phanarath at Gates of Vienna
Via here

The secret Abby Hoffman/Clinton tape transcripts

I'm glad you agreed to see me today Mr. President.

Please Abby, its Bill, not Mr. President. We're all friends here.

Whatever Bill, I'm here in regards to this thing with this Osama Bin Laden blowing blowing up all our embassies in Africa. When the counter culture revolution takes over the country, don't you think maybe we'll still be needing those facilities?

Of course, but what does that have to do with OBL?.

Well if you keep letting this guy run amok, he's going to keep blowing up shit I'm going to need later. You know I'm not big on the military by any stretch, but maybe it would be useful to cut those thugs loose just this one time to eradicate this nuisance.

Jeez, I don't know Abby, my poll numbers could be affected by something so drastic. You know I've got my legacy to think of here. The left doesn't like it when we take military action against brown people.

Can I be frank here Bill? Look, you need to stop with that penis pump and let some blood flow back into your brain for a few minutes. We can't let some upstart run around blowing up our shit. If anyone is going to blow up shit, its going be be me and my crew.

This isn't a penis pump Abby, Monica is coming over in a few minutes to take some oral dictation, I'm preparing my speech for her right now.

[shaking head] Jesus christ, what have we done...what have we done. This guy is a fucking moron.

Motivational poster - Treason

Arizona 9/11 "memorial" scandal - the Diamondbacks connection

Ace is the point man driving this investigation. Unfortunately, comment filters at Ace's site prohibit posting of certin links so I'm posting my little tidbit of research here.

The "Governors commission" of people who were appointed to oversee the construction of this memorial attrocity consists of these people.

I picked a name of the list at random: Rich Dozer, owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I then look for Dozer's political contributions over the past few years.

What I find is contribution to McCain, a defacto democrat and several actual democrats:

Grijalva(*) is a liberal democrat.
Byron Dorgan is a liberal democrat.
Ed Pastor is a liberal democrat.

The only thing out of character here is the 2G donation to Bush. Explanable perhaps as lending a veneer of "balance".

(*) Grijalva was implicated in fleecing taxpayers on a sweetheart deal to provide inordinately cheap use of public facilities to minor league baseball teams.

Dante's fight with cancer

I flip through the referring log for this blog on occasion to see what brought people here. A number of the blogs I now link to or visit myself with some regularity caught my eye by showing up on that log first, so its a good thing.

One showed up in the log today that deserves a mention - Fries are done. This blog chronicles a fight a 2 year old buy is having with cancer. Its heart wrenching stuff that makes even my jaded eyes a little misty. Undoubtedly there's thousands of stories out there similar to Dante's, but his is the one I happened across, and it makes me think of all the others fighting the same battle.

These are very personal battles, the best we as outside observers can hope for, is a glimpse of the titanic struggles actually being lived 7x24x365 by these people and their families.

Some say we as a society have fallen low - people of heroic stature no longer exist anymore. If one were to listen only to the evening news and its parade of fools, this might be an easy opinion to come by. Dante's story convinces me otherwise. There are still heros, sometimes they are small 2 year old ones, but they are there. And they are right before our eyes should we just take the time to look.


Any donations to help Dante can be sent to:

Dante Giuffre
PO Box 7862
St. Petersburg, FL 33734-7862

Donald Duck caught molesting child

Motivational posters -- "opportunity"

From Dave in Texas who is on fire splattering motivational posters with a Clinton theme all over the blogosphere. Curiously, not too many on his own blog.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Technological tyranny

This is a post about user interfaces and how we are tyrannized by them. I am a technologist, but I'm also a user of technology and I'm pissed off about the user interfaces I encounter in most technology. I suspect this irritation is something that has come with age and having grown up in an era when technology was easier to use.

Today, my microwave oven decided to die in a spectacular manner with high energy electric arcing spewing out of the magnetron compartment into the food area. It was entertaining in the perverse manner that most catastrophic failures (non-fatal to me) usually are. However, the oven's expiration necessitated the purchase of a new unit.

This was an event I've been dreading for quite some time now. You see, the old microwave was indeed a very old Panasonic unit - one of the very first "safe" microwaves ever made. I believe it dated back to the early 1970's. Its origin was never very clear to me, since I wasn't its original purchaser. Back in the early 80's I traded a $10 bill and a box of floppy disks for it, and it was old and well used even then. It was low power, only 500W, heavy as hell, but most importantly, this ancient unit didn't require a user's manual to operate. Its user interface consisted of a single knob you turned to set the time you wanted and a single button you punched to turn it on. The thing was simplicity. Its design allowed one to cook without needing to know anything about a user interface.

People inherently understand timer knobs because they resemble clocks. The physical similarity allows for understanding the knob's function intuitively. People understand single buttons intuitively because of all the children's toys we grow up with that "do something" when a "button like" object is pressed. Deterministic direct action-reaction situations are easy to comprehend because they don't require remembering any complex state information. Its like a Talking Elmo. Push its belly, or yank a string and it speaks. Direct action-reaction. People understand single buttons, even pretty stupid people.

Given the old microwave's dubious origins and indeterminate age, I've been expecting it to fail at any moment for about 15 years now. So of course, I've been eyeballing the state of the art in possible replacements over those 15 years whenever I happened to walk by some microwaves in a store. This window shopping for the past 15 years is what filled me with dread anticipating the Panasonic's impending demise. The vast majority of possible replacement models had atrocious user interfaces compared to the old Panasonic's intuitive single knob and button. All pretenders were equipped with LED/LCD displays, a plethora of buttons, some even so complex they had "modes" of operation, and all sported "user guides" that one would actually have to read to cook anything with the damn things.


If you need to print an extensive user manual to explain the user interface for a common consumer appliance, YOU. HAVE. FAILED. The design phase of that appliance WAS. A. FAILURE.

So, filled with loathing and dread, I trudged off today expecting to be forced into buying some wretched object of consumer confusion and torture that only coincidentally might happen to cook food when all the correct incantations were uttered. Based on what I'd seen so far, I was fully expecting to have to stock up on live chickens to offer as animal sacrifices to the gods of complexity if I wanted some hot soup.

In no hurry to pay to be become a victim of poor design, I wandered around WalMart for an hour or so. I circle at a distance the aisles where microwaves might be found, but can't bring myself to actually enter them yet. I play with the cordless tools on display in hardware -- fondling tools usually lift my spirits. I like tools. Tools are enablers of personal independence from the tyranny of modernity and an economy that has "service" as a major component. Tools and a bit of knowledge can save people thousands of dollars over hiring supposed "professional" service persons.

Even the tools couldn't lift my spirits this day. I would have to bite the bullet, buy something that would annoy me for years to come, and find solace elsewhere. In spite of all the tools I own, and even those I might be able to buy locally, manufacturing a microwave from scratch in my garage is beyond my ability. So I somberly veered down the appliance aisle like a man heading to his own execution.

I happen to enter the dread aisle at the end where the most expensive models sit in grand repose. Shiny, stylish looking, some costing hundreds of dollars. All sport the reviled display screens, vast quantities of buttons, and more complexity than I care to contemplate. I continue on down the aisle to the lower priced models. If I'm going to pay to be annoyed and tortured, I resolve to pay as little as possible for that privilege. Similar disappointments await on all the mid priced models. There is no joy here. Only somewhat lower prices and painted shells rather than the stylish stainless steel of the expensive models reside here.

Now I move on down to the low priced end of the aisle. Sizes are somewhat smaller, and power somewhat lower than the higher priced models, and unfortunately these too seem to sport the same painfully poor user controls. Lo, tucked in at the very far end, kind of hidden, resides the cheapest model. What? What is this? My heart soars with elation. This $34, absolute lowest end, cheapest of the cheap microwave has KNOBS for controls, only two of them. BLESSED. INTUITIVE. KNOBS. One sets the time to cook, the other sets the power level you want. If one doesn't care to twiddle with the power setting, this little marvel of simplicity is even simpler than the old Panasonic that had a knob and a button. Turning the timer knob on this little fellow automatically turns it on.

I snatched one up and sped off to the checkout a happy man.

New York Times earning down sharply

The New York Times Co. (NYT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Thursday forecast sharply lower third-quarter earnings because of a "challenging" print advertising market, sending shares down nearly 5 percent in after-hours trading...
In celebration of this most gratifying event, I offer AC/DC's Highway to Hell.

"Going DOWN, party time, my friends are gonna be there too."

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pentagon whitewashes Able Danger significance

Do they really think we're stupid enough to buy this?

NC Times
A Pentagon report rejects the idea that intelligence gathered by a secret military unit could have been used to stop the Sept. 11 hijackings.

The Pentagon inspector general's office said Thursday that a review of records from the unit, known as Able Danger, found no evidence it had identified ringleader Mohamed Atta or any other terrorist who participated in the 2001 attacks...

Man who captured bank a bank robber

WTF? Dude, pick a side and stick with it

Shreveport police said Tuesday that the suspect in last week's robbery of a CapitalOne bank branch is also suspected of robbing two other banks here this summer.

And in an ironic twist, police said the suspect is the same man who captured a bank robber in Shreveport two years ago...

Frankenstein Banana

I'm not going to say where I found this because the image was on some porn site I found as a referral in my sitemeter visitors log. The rest of that site was all the usual porn junk, but the Frankenstein banana was rather unique.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Arizona's 9/11 memorial insults Islam

Actually it doesn't. It suggests Loose Change type conspiracy theories though. What I really want to do though is inflame some whackjob jihadi into blowing up the damn thing with a car bomb because it is another one of those crescent travesties to memorialize leftist wussiness.

H/T Ace

More at Flopping Aces, Espresso Pundit, Stikenstein, Hot Air

Ted Rall can SUCK. MY. DICK.

This guy is just CRUDE. Even cruder than my declaration that he can suck my dick. Not to advocate violence or anything like that, but I will make the observation that Rall's "prespective" would probably benefit greatly by several months in a coma and an extended recovery in an ICU. One can always hope he gets hit by a fortuitous truck.

More on Darfur

OMG, I'm actually linking a Kos diary and not mocking it. In fact I'm recommending it. My head is about to explode. Not a bad piece about the AU's mission being set to expire.

Daily Kos
...We are now only 10 days away from the end of the African Union's mandate to provide witness to the ongoing genocide in Darfur...

Kos: spinach outbreak is Bush's fault

Straight from the nutroots to you. Unrestrained. Unmedicated. It doesn't get any better than this folks.

Daily Kos
Bush Caused Spinach E. Coli. Expect More of this!!!...

Hezbolla cracked IDF radio codes

The story goes on to say IDF is using US gear. So if the story is true, then our stuff has been compromised as well. Its not much of a stretch to see Iran giving this technology to the Islamofascists in Iraq. In fact its a virtual certainty.

Hezbollah guerrillas were able to hack into Israeli radio communications during last month's battles in south Lebanon, an intelligence breakthrough that helped them thwart Israeli tank assaults, according to Hezbollah and Lebanese officials.

Using technology most likely supplied by Iran,...
H/T Snapped Shot

Keith Richards decries lack of quality in drugs

Daily Mail
Rolling Stones star gives up drugs - because they're too weak

Rolling Stones star Keith Richards says he has finally given up drugs - because they are too weak to give him a high.

The group's guitarist has complained that modern drugs lack power, claiming that dealers and chemists have reduced their strength.

The 62-year-old former heroin addict told The Sun that modern drugs such as ecstasy "mess with the brain".

He said: "I really think the quality's gone down. All they do is try and take the high out of everything.

"I don't like the way they're working on the brain area instead of just through the blood system.

"That's why I don't take any of them any more. And you're talking to a person who knows his drugs." ...

It is pure coincidence...really it is.

That Le Worm weasles away from any talk of sanction on Iran and then French are ready to sign a multi-billion dollar gas exploitation deal with Iran.

Nothing to see here people, just move along. Pure coincidence. Nobody should ummm... QUESTION. THE. TIMING.

H/T HayZeus

One man, one idea, one million taxpayer bucks saved

Bravo Wayne. Now only if we could the damn congress to take a look at spending programs in the same critical way that Wayne looked at his flap carriage we might really be able to cut the pork.

Black Anthem News
A C-5 aircraft worker will receive a $10,000 reward for his idea which has extended the life of aircraft flap carriages by more than four years. Wayne Addison saw a problem with the existing procedure and developed an alternative...

...Addison developed a means for the machine shop to remove the center bearing. When that was done, the assembly could be overhauled, thus saving the cost of a new assembly. He estimates the shop saved more than $200,000 the first year the new procedure was introduced, and more than $1 million to date...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If Oprah was president -- the official campaign song

A joke you say? Nope. These morons are a serious as a heart attack...or at least they're flogging the notion for all the bumper sticker and T-shirts they can manage to sell.

Click HERE for the Oprah campaign song

Data security for discarded disk drives

I'm thinning my computer hardware herd a bit lately and the issue of data security on discarded disk drives has been of some concern. There's a bunch of very old low capacity IDE drives(less than 500M) in a pile that aren't much good for anything anymore. For serious computing I use SCSI and for less serious I'll use IDE, but these tiny old IDE's were just taking up space and I can't even give'em away to the kids in the neighborhood. I'm also lothe to spend the effort to power them up to see what's on them anymore. If I did find something sensitive on one, I'd have to go through the bother of doing a secure erase on the thing anyway. I've written my own secure erase utility(commercial ones cost $20 at CompUSA), similar in concept to what we used back in the early 80's for scrubbing the space shuttle's computers after the military missions.

Still, this is all a great hassle for something you plan on throwing away. After a bit of thought, a fast definitive solution presented itself in the form of my drill press. I chucked up a sharp 1/4" drill bit and punched a series of holes through the platters, motor drive, head actuating mechanism and onboard controller board. I doubt even the NSA or CIA could retreive anything off this sucker now.

Of course if the neighbors weren't a bunch of whiners I could have taken them out in the yard and dumped half a clip from my AK-47 into each one. Damn neighbors. Always spoiling the fun.

My head just exploded!

The LA Times has just run an opinion piece I would have never in a million years have expected to grace its foaming at the mouth leftist commie pages. I would caution readers against seeing this as some sort of change of heart for the LAT though. This is undoubtedly an abberation, perhaps even a clever Rovian plot. No, it is certainly a Rovian plot. Look, if the VRWC can hack Diebold machines and steal elections, they can certainly hack the LAT's typesetting computers. Damn Rove already compromised the Sun to cause global warming, so there's nothing the man would stop at. Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

Once the LAT cleans the Rovian viruses and worms out of its systems, I'm sure we'll be back to the same old unmedicated commie rhetoric we've all come to know and love.

LA Times
Unless liberals realize that there are tens of millions of people in the Muslim world who are far scarier than Dick Cheney, they will be unable to protect civilization from its genuine enemies
Seriously, this is a long opinion piece that is very significant. Go read the whole thing. The writer may be a leftist commie tool, but he recognizes the real threat we face.

H/T Sea Blogger

Monday, September 18, 2006

What Classic movie are you?

Detroit to squander $200,000 on pool repairs

This is the Detroit mayor's mansion. As you can see it is a fairly large house, but not excessively so in the manner of Mara Lago. Apparently this house has a swimming pool. Not particularly shocking for a house of this size.

Now we find that Detroit plans to spend $200,000 on pool repairs and landscaping.
Some $200,000 of a $22 million bond issue for capital improvements is being spent to fix the swimming pool and make other repairs at the mayor's mansion.

The money will be used to repair damaged pool tiles, cracked pavement walkways, a front porch and outside lighting and to replace dead plants at the Manoogian Mansion. Construction is expected to begin soon...
I would suggest that a house of that size could be completely gutted and refinished for less than the $200,000 the kleptocrats in Detroit plan to spend.

French ignore EU, implement fast-track deportations

OMG, the French are doing "profiling" of "foreigh-looking" individuals? The ACLU's collective heads would explode if we tried anything like that in the USA.

Taipei Times
Rights groups have accused France of carrying out targeted arrests of foreign migrants to fill chartered deportation flights to China and Romania, in possible breach of European rights law.

Police squads have deployed across the Paris subway system in recent months, systematically checking the identity of foreign-looking individuals, as part of a government drive to step up expulsions of illegal migrants.

In one incident witnessed by reporters on Sept. 2, officers singled out all Asian passengers, searching those unable to produce ID papers and bundling them off to a police van where a Chinese interpreter was at the ready...

..."They need to fill the planes to make them financially viable, so they don't look at each foreigner's case in detail," charged Jean-Pierre Alaux...

...Belgium was convicted of breaching the convention in 2002, over the rounding-up and expulsion of a group of 74 Roma gypsies from Slovakia...

Japanese bio-warfare victim mass grave alleged

It seems the book on WWII history is yet to be closed. Buried evidence of previously unknown horrors still emerges more than 60 years later.

Those people who think the book is closed on Iraq's WMD efforts would do well to reflect on how long it has taken for the detailed story of WWII to develop. A student of history would caution that their hubris is not warranted.

Taipei Times
The Toyama No. 5 apartment block is quiet at midday -- laundry flapping from balconies, old people taking an after-lunch stroll. But the building and its nearby park may be sitting on a gruesome World War II secret.

A wartime nurse has broken more than 60 years of silence to reveal her part in burying dozens -- perhaps hundreds -- of bodies there as US forces occupied the Japanese capital.

The way experts see it, these were no ordinary casualties of war, but possible victims of Tokyo's shadowy wartime experiments on live prisoners of war -- an atrocity that has never been officially recognized by the Japanese government.

The neighborhood on the west side of Tokyo is deeply troubled.

"I feel sorry for remains with such a sad history," said Teppei Kuroda, a college senior who lives there.

Former nurse Toyo Ishii says that during the weeks following Japan's surrender on Aug. 15, 1945, she and colleagues at an army hospital at the site were ordered to bury corpses, bones and body parts -- she doesn't know how many -- before the Americans arrived.

A mass grave of between 62 and more than 100 possible war-experiment victims was uncovered in a nearby area in 1989. But Ishii's account -- publicly released in June -- could yield a far larger number and a firmer connection to Unit 731, Japan's dreaded germ and biological warfare outfit...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Aussie environmental minister drinks the Algore Koolaid

Well, I guess if you're "most scientists" in Australia, this means unfortunately that you're a moron.

The "inconvenient truth" here is that Al Gore is a deranged loon pitching obviously bullshit pseudo-science. He isn't going to tell you that the whole solar system is getting warmer, because his whole schtick then vanishes and he returns to a well deserved rest atop the ash heap of history. No, he'd rather have the world spend trillions of dollars on faux fixes for a problem we have little control over.

The "inconvenient truth" here, is that Al Gore is probably more dangerous to the world in the near term than even the Islamofascists are. We can always nuke the Islamofascists when our patience wears thin enough. We can't "unspend" billions wasted on Al Gore's fantasies.

The Australian
ENVIRONMENT Minister Ian Campbell has thrown his support behind the science in Al Gore's climate film An Inconvenient Truth, putting him at odds with John Howard and other senior ministers.

Senator Campbell told the Ten Network's Meet the Press yesterday that Mr Gore was doing important work to raise concerns about climate change.

"My most respected scientists concur with me that the science in vice-president Gore's movie is sound and solid," Senator Campbell said...

Islamofascists kill boy watching soccer match

Crime: watching a TV
Sentence: death


A 13-YEAR-OLD boy was killed and three others wounded overnight when Somali Islamic militia raided a cinema hall in southern Mogadishu to break up a crowd watching an English premier league match, witnesses said.

They said the militiamen aboard machinegun-mounted pickups stormed Duale Cinema in Bulo-hubey district where hundreds were watching the Chelsea-Liverpool match and opened fire, killing the boy as others scampered for safety.

They also smashed a television set and satellite-link equipment...
[update/related]Italian nun murdered by Islamofascists in Somalia

It should be clear by now that the world is paying the price for the feckless Clinton handling of Somalia back in the early 90's. The country is a disaster. Islamofascists have taken over and begun a reign of terror. Pirates are operating freely of the coast.

Its time to clean house in Somalia and finish the job this time. While we're at it, Sudan ain't all that far away either.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The risks of dinosaur hunting in the Gobi desert

I was looking for a little known dinosaur to do a post about and came across a passage in David Fastovsky's travelogue about a trip to the Gobi desert. I guess it falls into the category of "Wow, that sucked!"
...We cannot carry all the water needed for six weeks. Instead we hunt for wells using old Russian maps and the advice of local herdspeople. The wells were built in the 1960s and consist of large, low cement pyramids, each with a long handle and a trough. Most no longer function, and the housings and troughs have weathered into large, useless cement slabs. Some functioning wells yield surprises: at one well, after fighting biting flies and hauling about 80 gallons of water, bucket by bucket, the last bucket brought up a dead bird...

One for the ladies: the magic mirror

H/T Nothin but Nett

Case dismissed against necrophiliac grave robbers

Looks like the (formerly) great state of Wisconsin is vying for a top spot as one of the world's premier pervo sex tourism destinations.
A judge on Friday dismissed charges of attempted sexual assault against three men accused of trying to dig up a woman's body to have sex with the corpse, noting that Wisconsin has no law against necrophilia...
H/T Digital Brownshirt

Flamethrower equipped passenger cars

Had blogs existed back in 1998 I'm sure this delightful invention would have gotten more coverage. In these dark days of jihadi kidnappings it is even more relevent than ever.

There's a video of the device in action at the CNN site. Very impressive.

Flamethrower now an option on S. African cars

Crime-obsessed South Africans have a powerful new weapon with which to stop likely criminals: the car flamethrower.

Casting a man-high fireball, reportedly with no damage to the paint, the Blaster has been placed on 25 South African vehicles since its introduction last month...

...The Blaster squirts liquefied gas from a bottle in the automobile's trunk through two nozzles, located under the front doors. The gas is then ignited by an electric spark, with fiery consequences.

Both sides flame at the same time, regardless of whether the attack is coming from just one side of the vehicle, or whether passersby are on the other side. But the breadth and depth of blast can be modified according to individual preference.

Jihadi monster Guiron defeated by Gamera

Unfortunately I can't recommend buying this fine documentary film from Amazon, I picked up my copy at the dollar store for a buck (and it included Monsters from a prehistoric planet as well).

The parallels with our current struggle against Islam are striking though. A populace largely in denial. A crazed crew bent on world domination. A large symbolic monster cast as a living knife. And ultimate redemption delivered to the oblivious populace by the flying jet propelled turtle.

Well, OK, you caught me. I'm not sure how the jet propelled flying turtle fits in as a parallel...
# Plot Outline: Aliens kidnap two children and take them to another planet in an attempt to lure Gamera into fighting the fierce monster, Guiron.

# Plot Synopsis: Three children, two boys and a girl, stumble upon a flying saucer. The boys both step in without hesitating, and are whisked away to a planet in Earth's orbit but on the exact opposite side of the Sun. Inhabiting this planet are two women with Midwestern accents, who hypnotize the children to find they fantasize about milk, donuts, and Gamera, our favorite hero turtle. The women simply want to eat their brains. Back home, no one will believe the little girl's story of alien abduction, not even Officer Concha (pronounced "Cornjob"). Finally, Gamera rescues the children while fighting Guiron, a monster with a giant knife for a nose. Gamera kills Guiron while doing gymnastics on a parallel bar and takes the kids home, where the kids hope for peace, understanding, and the end of traffic accidents.

Crazed Somali cleric calls for hit on the pope

I would suggest that this murderous loon is best responded to by a Tomahawk, perhaps several just to make sure. Delivered within the next 24 hours if at all possible. The gloves have come off. These morons need to be instructed on the rules of the game.

Let's party.

And no, I don't care if innocents or children get greased in the strike. We've now officially gone beyond having to worry about such things.

The Age
A HARDLINE cleric linked to Somalia's powerful Islamist movement has called for Muslims to "hunt down" and kill Pope Benedict XVI for his controversial comments about Islam...
Via LGF, Gateway Pundit, and RWS

An anon commenter at Ace had this to say:
ISLAMIST: Hey West! I cut off your head!

POPE: Islamists want to cut off our heads!

LEFTIST: Intolerence! Christianists!

ISLAMIST: You die Pope! I cut off your head!

POPE: I'm sorry.

LEFTIST: Yay!!! Dialog!

ISLAMIST: You die Pope! I cut off your head!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Are you a real cowboy?

An old cowboy sat down at the bar and ordered a

As he sat sipping his drink, a young woman sat down next to him.

She turned to the cowboy and asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"

He replied, "Well, I've spent my whole life, breaking colts, working cows, going to rodeos, fixing fences, pulling calves, bailing hay, doctoring calves, cleaning my barn, fixing flats, working on tractors, and feeding my dogs, so I guess I am a cowboy."

She said, "I'm a lesbian.
I spend my whole day thinking about women.
As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about women. When I shower, I think about women. When I watch TV,
I think about women. I even think about women when I eat.
It seems that everything makes me think of women."

The two sat sipping in silence.

A little while later, a man sat down on the other side of the old cowboy and asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"

He replied, "I always thought I was but I just found out I'm a lesbian."

Via Mental Equilibrium

On the virtue of killing children

I read Grim's compelling piece back when it was written over a month ago. I read it again today. I will probably read it again whenever I'm tempted to waver or go soft when something unpleasant happens. I've bookmarked it as a reminder about how deadly serious this struggle is that we are in and how our emotions can lead us astray from doing what must be done lest the law of unintended consequences rule.

Please go read it all.

Black 5
..."It must be," I tell her sadly, "Here: That we pursue war without thought of the children. That we do not turn aside from the death of the innocent, but push on to the conclusion, through all fearful fire. If we do that, the children will lose their value as hostages, and as targets: if we love them, we must harden our hearts against their loss. Ours and theirs."

"How can that be right?" she wonders.

"It cannot be," I must say. "Love should always rise, above war and fear and death. Love should always be first, and not last, in our hearts. It should never be that love brings wrong, and disdain brings right...
Leftwing moonbats will find a counterpoint argument HERE. Its not nearly as compelling, but at least one of them took a stab at it.

Judicial "accountability" -- Visigoth way

I submit to you the reader that the Visigoths 1300 years ago had a much better handle on keeping judges honest and judicial accountability than we do today.

The Visigothic Code
XVIII. Where a Judge Refuses to Hear a Litigant, or Decides Fraudulently, or Ignorantly.
If any one should file a complaint against another before a judge, and the latter should refuse to hear him, or deny him the use of his seal, or, under different pretexts, should delay the trial of his cause, not permitting it to be heard, through favor to a client or a friend, and the plaintiff can prove this by witnesses,the judge shall give to him to whom he has refused a hearing, as compensation for his trouble, a sum equal to that which the plaintiff would have received from his adversary by due course of law; and he who brought the suit may have it continued until the time appointed by law; [28] and, when it comes before the court for trial, he shall receive the judgment to which he is entitled. But if the plaintiff should be unable to prove either the fraud or undue procrastination of the judge, the latter shall make oath that he, through no malice, nor through favor or friendship, has delayed the hearing, and, by reason of this oath, the judge shall in no manner be deemed guilty...
XIX. Where a Judge, either through Convenience to Himself, or through Want of Proper Knowledge, Decides a Cause Improperly.
If any judge should render judgment for the sake of gain, and direct that any one should be treated with injustice, he who has been benefited by the decision of the said judge shall make restitution. And the judge himself, who has thus acted contrary to the precepts of equity, shall surrender to the losing party the same amount of his own property, as he had ordered him to be deprived of; that is to say, that in addition to the restitution that has been made, he shall, in satisfaction for his improper conduct, give to him whom he unjustly condemned, a sum equal to that which was disposed of by his decree. But if he should not have sufficient property wherewith to make amends, he shall be deprived of all that he is known to possess, and shall be delivered as a slave to him to whom he is indebted, or, after having been exposed in public, he shall receive fifty lashes. But if he shall have rendered an unjust judgment through ignorance, and can declare under oath that he has done this only through want of knowledge, and not through partiality or cupidity, or for the sake of profit, his judgment shall be invalid, and he himself shall not be considered guilty.(6)

Politically incorrect: The "pocket" flame thrower

This is a gadget the "crew" I used to hang with made and used with great gusto when I was in high school back in the early 70's. I'm sure anyone attempting such a thing in these dark days of politically correct, zero-tolerance, sterile school systems would all be clapped in leg irons and handcuffs and hauled away never to be seen again branded as some sort of dangerous criminal psychopath. If they didn't haul you away, they'd certainly drug the hell out of you with Ritalin and turn you into a zombie living a Creativity-Free™ authority compliant lifestyle.

The device is loaded with a sheet of flash paper loosely crumpled up into a ball. An ordinary pencil or pen is used as a ram rod to pack the load against the glow plug.

Touch the micro-switch and the glow plug lights up igniting the flash paper. Expanding gasses at the back of the barrel shove the burning flash paper out of the barrel and you get a rather impressive lick of flame ejected that usually ranges from 5'-8' long that vanishes instantly and harmlessly.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moron woman tries to buy $500 hit on another woman.

Seriously, what kind of professional hit are you going to buy for $500? The only one you might get to do a hit for $500 is a very very desperate crackhead who will roll over on you faster than a white collar criminal facing 20 in the slam.

Its like this. A truly quality hit on a random person is going to cost you somewhere in the range of $25,000-$50,000 depending on what sort of accessories and details you desire. If its a high profile victim, the price will be even higher.

Murder isn't cheap...but cheapskates attempt murder

So, don't do your shopping for hitman at Dollar Tree folks, you're guaranteed to be dealing with the police ;->

Associated Press
... She was arrested after she met an undercover Mesa police detective at a grocery store, gave the officer $400 and offered to pay an additional $100 once the woman had been killed, according to court records...

[Update] Related: Woman strangles hit man sent to kill her. As I said previously, cheapskates. A pro won't have a long police record of past violence and attempted murder, because they've never been caught ;->

S.2590 "Obama-Coburn" is eyewash for the rubes

I complained about the proposed Senate bill previously declaring it defective in several significant ways. The bill that has passed out of the senate still contains ALL OF THE DEFECTS I previously complained about.

The loopholes in this bill render is virtually useless in fighting pork. The "big ticket" items like Tubes Steven's bridge to nowhere will always be noticed.

What this flawed bill DOES do however is provide "official cover" for death by a thousand cuts. Can anyone really be so foolish as to believe someone who previously would have been angling for $500,000 won't now recast their $500,000 project into a series of seperate $24,000 proposals? Phases. They'll start doing "phased" projects.

Its guaranteed now that anything less than $25K isn't part of the "system". The series of smaller bullshit payouts will fly completely under the radar.

Wake up people. Read the words. Words matter!

"Most scientists" are morons

...Most scientists agree that greenhouse gases from fossil fuels have contributed to the warming of the planet in the past few decades but have questioned whether a brighter Sun is also responsible for rising temperatures...
OK, you have temperatures going up all over the solar system. This is undeniable and true. Yet MostScientists™ "question" whether the brighter sun is also responsible for earth's global warming. Right. Obviously this is due to all those new SUV dealerships opening up all over the place on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Triton, and Pluto, etc. Damn you GM and Ford. Damn you to hell.

[update] Some time ago I did some impromptu calculations based University of Michigan data on the increase in solar activity. I wish I had saved them, but the way it worked out was this:

The increase in the past 100 years or so has amounted to approx an additional 3-4 Watts per square meter of planet surface. The additional heating claimed by the scare global warming mongers was virtually all accounted for by this additional wattage per square meter. "greenhouse" gasses, if they had anything to do with it at all, had to be in the low single digit percentages of effect.

Water vapor is the largest percentage effect "greenhouse gas". CO2 and all the others are completely swamped by the effects of water vapor. The scare mongers of course always fail to mention water vapor...

Global warming, the cosmic conspiracy

There seems to be some sustained global warming going on on the planets Mars and Jupiter. This is most curious indeed. Not a single human being has ever set foot on those planets yet they're warming up. How can this be?

Neptune's moon Triton is experiencing global warming at an alarming pace. A pace that would raise earth's temperature by 22 degrees in less than 10 years! Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

Even Pluto, our beloved and much maligned orbital "thing", which will always be a planet in my heart, has joined this vast right wing conspiracy and is warming up. Got that? Frozen ass far out there Pluto is getting warmer. Damn you Pluto. I thought you were with us, but you've proven an untrustworthy ally. I weap.

Even Saturn is showing warming. Beautiful and graceful Saturn, appears to have become a co-conspirator in this vast cosmic conspiracy.

Obviously, I blame Bushitler. He and his dark lord Rove are trying to wreck the solar system. They've already compromised the Sun, so ordinary human like us don't stand a chance...

[related] "Most scientists" are morons

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

French pilots bombed Iran for Saddam

Of course they did. Saddam wanted the job done and done right. He was flying a lot of French aircraft at the time, so why not have the pilots most experienced with that equipment moonlight? Makes perfect sense.

Is it really true? I don't know. Commentary Mag doesn't give a source for this assertion, but it certainly sounds like something the French would do ;-> The Russians have done similar things for people who drop a lot of cash with them on military hardware.

A bit of riteous payback perhaps? In 1979 the Iranians canceled a big contract with the French for a nuclear power plant.

Commentary Magazine
...At that point, one reactor (Bushehr I) was declared by the Germans to be 85-percent complete and the other (Bushehr II) 50-percent complete. Both were subsequently damaged during the war with Iraq that lasted until 1988, chiefly in air strikes flown by seconded French pilots. Siemens was asked to return to finish the work but, knowing that the German government would never allow the contract to proceed, refused...
H/T Tigerhawk

The Mythology of Robbery

This is an outstanding analysis of the left wing Boomer mentality. High quality writing and observations. Go read it all.

Assistant Village Idiot
...An AP writer at the inauguration, distressed at the traditional jets flying over, reassured himself by remembering “Those are our planes now.” Think about that. Whose planes did he think they were before? But we all knew exactly what he meant. Boomer liberals felt vindicated, as if they had finally come into their rightful place...

...Contrary to the current mythology of the left, conservatives did not have this abiding hate for Clinton from the start. The idea that there were dark forces already at work to undermine his presidency is just crap. Rush Limbaugh had said several nice things about Clinton early on, and even when he was annoyed at his election, took pains to point out several good things that were likely to happen in a Clinton presidency. National Review was grudging in its praise, but had some, and reminded readers to give a duly-elected president a fair shot...

Citizen Smash tries to interview Code Pink commies

There's two audio clips at Smash's blog. The first is of him trying to talk to a code pinko enforcer, the second is of him talking with a couple of the soldiers recovering at Walter Reed. Outstanding stuff. You won't see anything like this on the nightly news. Please go pay this blogger a visit.

IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT, and I’m trolling for interviews at the Code Pink protest outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. But this time, Bruce “The Bouncer” Wolf makes it clear that I am persona non grata...

...Bruce: I’ve gotta ask you something… in a nice way. Sir, please leave... I’m not trying to be fascist or something...

SMASH: No, hopefully not! Nobody wants that...

The "war on terror" is a fraud. A fake...

...when I see things like this, there is no other conclusion to be drawn. The Bush administration is only incrementally more serious about this than the Clintonistas were.

Fuck these assholes. Fuck them all, and damn them to hell for this if it is true. The ONLY reason I could understand for holding fire would be if some of our intel assets were in with the group.

NY Post
Taliban terror leaders who had gathered for a funeral - and were secretly being watched by an eye-in-the-sky American drone - dodged assassination because U.S. rules of engagement bar attacks in cemeteries, according to a shocking report...

... Pentagon officials declined comment and referred The Post to Central Command officers in Afghanistan, who did not respond to a request for comment or explanation...
H/T Infidel Blogger's Alliance

Paul Hogan: I'm a "suspect in Nicole Simpson murder"

Crocodile Dundee says he's a suspect in the OJ murders.

..."Hogan suspect in Nicole Simpson murder"...

Not really...

But he does seem a bit irked that the Aussie press is hounding him over some purported tax matters.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

French author slams Brits

Gosh, the US doesn't even have a "minister of culture". We must be lower than whale shit I suppose. Of course, one could argue that any country that requires a "minister of culture" has probably appointed one because maybe, just maybe, they feel the need to try and get a handle on their own cultural collapse? Naaa, couldn't be that.

Daily Mail
Britain has been branded a nation of "vulgar, aggressive, unprincipled, consumerist zombies" in a scathing new book by a French academic...

...Miss Poirier begins with a venomous deluge of abuse aimed at the British character, saying: "They have no understanding of philosophy, beauty or art. They do not even have any intellectuals...

...She claims that while France continues to be chivalrous, manners are all but forgotten in Britain...

...She said that while in France the minister of culture is fourth in rank in the government, Britain lumps its culture ministry with sport...

Check out Brenda's post too.

H/T Brenda Coulter

Associated Press was penetrated by Saddam spy(s)

Independent. Non-partisan. Media.

Word Around The Net
...We were informed from one of our sources (the degree of trust in him is good) who works in the American Associated Press Agency [emphasis added] that the agency broadcasted to through computer to its branches worldwide the following:...

Terminator 4 - Return to Jesus

The Terminator does the holy land in the time of Jesus. Very funny.

Google Video

If the dems don't win in Nov, their heads will explode like this

Google Video

Just saying...

Imagine what will happen in 08' when they don't take the presidency?

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar captured

*** UPDATE ***: This report appears to have been premature. The person apprehended, while a ranking Taliban in his own right, and apparently a dead ringer for him, was not Hekmatyar based on fingerprints.

Hekmatyar of course, had been the primary conduit for Iranian meddling in Afganistan for many years now. This is a huge win.

South Asia News
...The commander of the Hizb-i-Islami militia in Hafezan in the eastern province of Nangarhar, Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, was arrested after credible intelligence led Afghan and coalition forces to his compound, the statement said...

H/T Mr. Beamish

*** UPDATE ***: This report appears to have been premature. The person apprehended, while a ranking Taliban in his own right, and apparently a dead ringer for him, was not Hekmatyar based on fingerprints.

Iraqi intel archives: Saddam/AQ connection confirmed

Definitive proof it would seem. How much longer are the dems going to maintain their pathetic charade? As they say, go read it all.

Gateway Pundit
2002 Iraqi Intelligence Correspondence concerning the presence of al-Qaida Members in Iraq. Correspondence between IRS members on a suspicion, later confirmed, of the presence of an Al-Qaeda terrorist group. Moreover, it includes photos and names...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Guardian: We stand by the Red Cross ambulance story

OK, the Guardian is a anti-semetic commie rag redder than Chairman Mao. Everyone knows that. However, this denial is absurd. This is something out of a Monty Python skit. The pictorial evidence speaks for itself. The vehicle was plainly not hit by missiles and you don't have to have the excruciatingly detailed fisking that Zombietime did to realize this. You just need functioning eyeballs.

OK, maybe its obvious this was faked to me because I'm an engineer and have a passing knowledge of physics, strength of materiels, explosives, and shit like that. If its not obvious to you, go read the Zombietime takedown.

...I have received a number of emails referring to the zombietime website, one from a reader describing his complaint as "purely personal" concluding, "Before I take this complaint forward to the PCC [the Press Complaints Commission] I would appreciate your comments on the linked website [zombie-time] and also whether you intend to retract the story." On the basis of my inquiries over several days last week I do not intend to suggest that the paper should retract its report.

Two Australian newspapers, in fact, revisited the story after the country's foreign minister, Alexander Downer, accused some of the world's "most prestigious media" of falling for a hoax. One of them, the Australian, carried its rebuttal under the heading: "Downer's unfounded faith in the internet", and it accused him of being hoaxed by what it called "a callous blog" (zombietime is a website not a blog). The heading on the Age story speaks for itself: "Ambulance attack evidence stands the test."

What the zombietime website, which takes issue with both of these Australian rebuttals, does show is a fairly large number of inconsistencies and anomalies in the reporting and pictorial coverage of the event across the media: whether these are larger in number than might normally be expected to occur in reporting from a war zone is a matter for conjecture. A Guardian picture archivist with a special interest in images from areas of conflict, who carried out extensive research for me, concluded that there was cause for doubt about the nature of the munitions involved and the manner of their delivery, but not in the reality of the attack. Suzanne Goldenberg told me: "I remain confident that the story was true." She points out that she and Sean Smith reported the story first hand and independently and did not rely on what purported to be amateur video footage of the incident...

...The zombietime version invites the conclusion that the Lebanese Red Cross conspired in an elaborate anti-Israel propaganda plot to dupe the world's media. I do not think that is proven at all.

The Clinton legacy

Just saying...

[You can generate your own tombstones HERE]

If Ace got you here pimping the headstone, why not stay a while and check out the six foot long scorpions and how well Harry Reid fares against one, or how we bombed the NVA with a toilet bowl during the vietnam war.

The digital pocket Koran is kinda cool too.

That Yoplait yogurt is colored with crushed bugs is a must read.

And Geraldo investigating Ace's mysterious disappearance is worth a look.

The Guardian's pathetic defense of the phony Red Cross ambulance story is disgusting and shameful too.

Check out the Terminator acting as bodyguard for Jesus video. Funny stuff.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

May Chidiac's website hacked by Islamofascists

As of this posting, May Chidiac's website appears to have been hacked by Islamofascists. Captured below is the text the hacker inserted into most of the pages on her site. For those of you not familiar with May Chidiac I suggest you start HERE at the Wiki entry then just google her name and start reading about this amazing woman who stood up to the Syrians and survived a car bombing. I have been loosly following her career and she is truly one of the shining lights in the middle east.

[update] A google search on this particular hack didn't turn up any hits. Maybe I'm the first one to notice this...

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<p><font size="2">for peace...<br><br>
this server has been hacked by Silahsiz Kuvvetler The Turkish hacker...</font></p>
<p><font size="2">Fuck you U.S.A! Fuck you Israel!</font></p>
<p><font size="2">"Peace at home peace in the world..."</font></p>
<p><font size="2">M.Kemal ATATURK.</font></p>
<p><font size="2">The immortal leader of the Republic of the
<p><font size="2">lübnana Türk Silahlı Kuvvetlerinin gitmesini istemiyoruz.</font></p>
<p><font size="2">Medeniyetin beşiği denilen ama aslında yıkımın bir simgesi
haline gelmiş Amerika ya uşak olmayacağız.</font></p>
<p><font size="2">Yüce Türk milleti gerçekteleri görmektedir.itibarını
yitirmeye,çökmeye başlayan ve adeta Amerikanın elinde lastik bir top haline gelen</font></p>
<p><font size="2">birleşmiş milletlerin bu saçma oyununda piyon olmak
istemiyoruz.Unutulmamalıdır ki; şehitimizin kanı paha biç
hükümetimizin vereceği her hangi bir yanlış kararın hesabını halk yine
hükümete soracaktır.çocuklarımızın,lübnana gidip de yok yere telef olmasını
istemiyor ve bu asker gönderimini şiddetle kınıyoruz..</font></p>
<p><font size="2">şüphesiz vatan savunması için bizim aciz canlarımız gözden
çıkarılabilecek önemsiz ayrıntılardır ve biz tereddütsüz bu şânlı fedâya
hazırız.ama burda bir vatan savunması söz konusu değildir.askerimizin
kışlasında kalmasını istiyoruz.</font></p>
<p> </p>
<p><font size="2">Yurtta Sûlh! Cihanda Sûlh!</font></p>

Geraldo investigates the Ace of Spades disappearance

Geraldo Rivera here folks. Tonight we will be investigating the mysterious disappearance of the world renowned, but very seclusive, blogger Ace of Spades. We will be delving in depth into the life and lifestyle of this shadowy neo-nazi scum tube personality. What you will see isn't pretty. In fact, its ugly, degenerate, and more perverted than you could ever imagine. By the end of this show I'm pretty certain you'll be thinking this criminally insane moron character richly deserved whatever tawdry fate has befallen him. First we'll start out with a series of interviews with other bloggers who have interacted with Ace. First up is Sobek.

So Sobek, do you think Ace is still alive or has he met with some foul play and gone to his 72 virgins?

Unfortunately, I believe he's still alive. The "buzz" in my circles is that he has gone over to the other side -- the dark side. There has been some speculation that Nancy Pelosi has promised him a lucrative political consultant position as the DNC's premier 5th column blog propagandist. He is a sneaky little bastard you know and Carville has kind kept a low profile ever since the crazies took over the party.

That's a facinating conspiracy theory Sobek, but would Ace really as you say "go over to the other side"? In the past he has mocked the democrat leadership pretty unmercifully. It's hard to imagine he would flip like that just to put a few bucks in his pocket.

This Ace guy is a hack Geraldo. A blatant hard right hitman with no conscience what so ever. He crushed a baby bunny just the other day so he could watch it die. Then he burned its poor little body and had deviant sex with the chared remains. I bet you didn't know that, but its true. It really is. We're talking perversion and a capacity for violence worse than Dahmer.

So Chris, you think this Ace character isn't a good fit for the image of the democrat party if he took this job Pelosi is suspected of offering? If the democrats have hired a deviant bunny killer, that would be quite a black eye wouldn't it?

What are you talking about Geraldo? Ace is the finest example of humanity I have ever known. He's been granted 20 honorary PhD's and got a Nobel Peace prize last year ferchrisakes. I'm going to have to trust Nancy on this one. If Nancy says he's OK, then he's OK. Why are you engaging in this vicious character assassination on such a fine American. Have you no shame man?

Geraldo, I'm here to tell you that the rumors are true. Ace has joined the DNC as a consultant. Yes, its true that he can be a tad rambunctious at times, and you really don't want to go digging in his back yard, but he's put all that behind him now and has had what amounts to a voluntary political religious conversion. He realizes we are the way now.

Ummm...that wouldn't be a spiked whip you have there would it Nancy? I don't suppose this sudden conversion of Ace's you claim has anything to do with that whip would it?

Holly cow, its Ace. He's back. Lets see what he has to say about this whole affair.

Hari Krishna, krishna, krishna, krishna.

Hari Krishna, krishna, krishna, krishna.

Hari Krishna, krishna, krishna, krishna.