Friday, June 15, 2007

Israeli market chain goes kosher to not "provoke" muslims

WTF? The Muslims will see this for exactly what it is - a capitulation. And they will push for even more. The owner of this market chain will come to regret this.

NZ Herald
[...]No more highly convenient - if defiantly non-religious - opening on Shabbat. No more ham, salami, shellfish, pork sausages and all the other non-kosher food - that has brought Schlinger and tens of thousands of her Israeli fellow shoppers to the 24-store chain over the past 15 years[...]

[...]Gaidamak was not at Rishon Letzion to hear these complaints. But he flatly gave his answer, in an interview to Army Radio on Sunday. "I believe that in a Jewish state," he declared, "in which there is a large Muslim minority, selling pork is a provocation."[...]

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