Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bobby Kennedy "personally managed" Castro hit attempt

Recently declassified documents released at George Washington University's national security archives suggest Bobby Kennedy personally managed at minimum one hit attempt on Castro. Bobby and JFK had stones. Teddy not so much.

These revelations will of course revitalize conspiracy theorists bolstering the notion that the JFK hit was "payback".

Curiously, we have here a case of a republican administration willing to cover up for the sins of a previous democrat administration. What are the chances of such a thing happening in the other direction today? Slim? None? Think about this -- failing to exploit this may have been enough to allow Carter to win.

My dad always said "no good deed goes unpunished."

Henry Kissinger Oval Office conversation with Ford and Scowcroft:(PDF file)
"Helms said all these stories are just the tip of the iceberg. If they come out, blood will flow. For example, Robert Kennedy personally managed the operation on the assassination of Castro..."

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