Thursday, June 28, 2007

Greenpeace uses "laser graffiti" on stricken freighter

Leave it to the Greenpeace asshats to shoot lasers at people trying to perform a dangerous operation in difficult conditions to try and score some cheap political points. Just keeping it classy eh guys?

This sort of beclownment and fundamental unseriousness just confirms my decision to stop donating to Greenpeace 20 years ago.

NZ Herald
The salvage effort for the stranded coal carrier Pasha Bulker is in jeopardy after a second tow line snapped early this morning[...]

[...]Greenpeace protesters last night used a laser light to project the slogans "This is what climate change looks like" and "Coal causes climate chaos" onto the stricken vessel's damaged hull.

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Ymarsakar said...

David Weber or was it John Ringo, wrote a universe where Greenpeace became its own little star nation, complete with concentration camps and human forced labor camps.