Sunday, June 03, 2007

Swiss "death tourism" being questioned

I can see where having an already dead client might make it difficult to do proper evaluations and/or counseling. Thorny matter that.

As a more practical matter, I simply don't see why people would chose this method of suicide to check out. If any life insurance policies exist, many have suicide exemptions on payouts. Wouldn't it be better to concoct an "accident" so the insurance will pay off?

Like maybe chugging a bottle of Jack and take a run at a bridge abutment at 100mph while not wearing a seatbelt. Seriously, that would have to be more thrilling in the last few seconds than any E-ticket ride at Disney.

Prosecutors are calling for tougher regulations on Switzerland's assisted suicide clinics after uncovering evidence that some of the foreign clients they help to die are simply depressed rather than suffering incurable pain.

The clinics, which attract hundreds of foreigners, including Britons, every year, have been accused of failing to carry out proper investigations into whether patients meet the requirements of Switzerland's right-to-die laws.

In some cases, foreign clients are being given drugs to commit suicide within hours of their arrival, which critics say leaves doctors and psychologists unable to conduct a detailed assessment or to provide appropriate counselling[...]


That Broad said...

Wow. Strange. What they do gives me an icky feeling inside when I think about it. It goes against my gut instincts.

Purple Avenger said...

Yep, big creepy factor here...