Wednesday, May 02, 2007

VW bug ownage of Ferrari in drag race

Heh, its all about the physics baby. A 300hp bug motor with the weight over the driving wheels pushing 1800lb's can accelerate faster than the much heavier Ferrari with the driving wheels and motor in the wrong place. The bug driver even spazed a bit coming out of the gate, then blows by the Ferrari about mid track.

20 years ago I had a warmed over 66' Beetle with racing heads, Crane cam, lightened flywheel, etc that could take a Corvette every time at a stoplight. It was always a "teachable moment" for the Vette guys ;->


Douglas said...

Well Doctor Porche was a genius. He was.

Purple Avenger said...

Yep. The beetle was an amazing little car in its day. Even today one with the old 1200cc 40hp motor can be competitive on gas mileage, not so much those with the newer more powerful 1600cc dual port heads.

I had a 72' Super Beetle that I'd transplanted a stock 61' vintage 1200cc motor into and it would get 40mpg cruising along at 65mph.