Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sabotage at Renault factory

Not smart. Who's going to build all the cars to replace those burned in the nightly Paris Car-B-Q's now? Hyundi, Daewoo, etc that's who. The European socialist workers paradise -- burning the candle at both ends. Nicely done boys, nicely done.

[...]Workers at the Renault factory in Le Mans have been accused by management of sabotaging factory equipment.

The action appears to be a response to the sacking, ten days ago, of five workers for faute grave (gross misconduct). It is unclear how many of the 3000 workers were involved in the action, management has not specified exactly what form the sabotage took. The condamnation of the action by the CFDT union also fails to describe the action[...]


skh.pcola said...

The Fwench are capable of levels of teh suckage above and beyond that which normal humans can achieve without bionics.

digitalbrownshirt said...

The word sabotage comes from the practice of throwing sabots (a type of shoe worn in France) into machinery as a protest against management.