Saturday, May 05, 2007

There Must Be a God In Haiti

This is a fascinating article about Haiti I found via random surfing. Originally it appeared back in 96' in Outside magazine. Its a long piece, but well worth the time. You won't be disappointed.

Several of my closest neighbors whom I get along very well with are from Haiti and we frequently stand around talking about the place and they've been teaching me Creole.

I've found Haitians in general to be quite friendly and uncommonly resourceful hard working people. Without doubt there are exceptions...Macoute/Attache death squads, corruption, etc but such things don't seem to break their spirit.

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skh.pcola said...

Thanks for that link, Avenger. I'm about halfway through with the article. I never knew about the!

I did bring up the CIA Factbook pages on both Haiti and the Dominican Republic, so I could compare the stats on the two connected countries, and wow, what a difference.