Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A gun "buy back" scheme that actually works

Not really a buy back per se, rather a scheme to get the bad guys to rat each other out for a grand a throw. Either way, its targeting the guns in the hands of bad guys rather than honest folks.


Local 10
The Miami-Dade Police Department has made its first arrests in the agency's gun bounty program announced last week.

Police received a call from a tipster referencing the "One Gun, One Arrest, One Grand" campaign who informed them of two men on the streets "in possession of firearms illegally," Miami-Dade police Cmdr. Linda O'Brien said[...]

[...]were all found to be in possession of weapons. Police said there were ammunition, a bulletproof vest, illegal drugs, a safe, an antique gun and two cash register drawers inside the apartment.

The "One Gun, One Arrest, One Grand" campaign offers a $1,000 reward to anyone who calls in a tip that leads to illegal guns being taken off the streets. The program is open to any citizen, but it is being targeted to more than 300 people who are released from Miami-Dade County jails on any given day[...]


MikeT said...

What is an illegal gun there? That's my problem with the program. Are we talking a M16 with RPG launcher attached to it, or a 9mm handgun?

Purple Avenger said...

What is an illegal gun there?

Any felon in possession of a firearm.