Sunday, May 27, 2007

Prohibited for export - WMD (Wardrobes of Mass Destruction)

The DoD is apparently disposing of some surplus WMD at Mainz-Kastel Germany. Among the list of dangerous items for sale are such scary things as book cases, desk chairs, folding tables, and yes...the infamous WMD - wardrobes of mass destruction!

Being that this lot consists of potentially "dual use" technology items like folding tables, there is a lengthy list of countries to which the buyer is prohibited from shipping these WMD's to after purchase. This list includes a long list of sworn enemies of the USA including the well known terrorist hideout and training ground of Haiti.

Far be it for me to suggest that the DoD are ummm...fucking retards here with regards to Haiti. I'm just saying...

I've just written my congressman requesting an official explanation as to why Haiti would be on a list of countries that shipping furniture to is prohibited. If I get an answer, I'm betting it will be quite entertaining.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Yes, it's silly that they don't want you to ship furnature there.

However, I think I know why.

About five minutes of googling tells me that in the '95 we started a humanitarian mission against the usual jazz. As of 2004, there's a UN peacekeeping group down there. (Read: a ton of US folks in blue helmets, with some friends.) I seem to recal from highs school that Haiti is *Really* poor and unstable.

I know that the DOD has a standard policy that citizens can't send military stuff to nations where we're in the middle of military operations. This results in stupid things like not letting a table be sent to X country, to make sure that some idiot doesn't choose to send actually *sensitive* stuff over there.

So, if your congresscritter replies or not, that's a likely reason.

Purple Avenger said...

I would hope the goods have been sanitized by a (reasonably) responsible person before going out the door for auction...

...but then again this is the govt ;->

So far, no response from the congresscritter on this situation. I'm not really expecting one. He only sends responses for communications that his staff can categorize for a boilerplate response. This isn't one of those ;->